100% VG Vegetarian Vegan E-Liquid

If you are interested in starting to use an e-cigarette, you will need to find an e-liquid to use with your device that suits you. There are all kinds of e-liquids available, and they come in a wide range of flavours, including those that are designed to taste like tobacco, and those with fruity, minty, or dessert type flavours. You can see here for an idea of just how many interesting flavours you can find to use with an e-cig.

Different Types of E-Liquids

As well as choosing flavours you like (and of course, you can switch between different flavours to suit your mood, or even mix them together to make interesting new blends), you also need to decide on the components that make up the e-liquid and produce the vapour. This will include deciding if you want it to contain nicotine (and if you do, how much), and then deciding if you want PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin) or a mix of the two. These are the substances used to form the vapour, and they are both completely safe so for many vapers it is just a matter of taste which they prefer. However, if you are vegetarian then a 100% VG e-liquid is recommended – particularly if you choose an organic, non GMO one.

What Does Vegetarianism Have to Do With Vaping?

As explained, many e-liquids contain a component called propylene glycol. This is a perfectly safe ingredient that is also added to a lot of foods, but it can be manufactured in a number of ways, some of which involve animal products. Those who follow a vegetarian diet for ethical reasons, i.e. those who do not like the idea of animals being farmed for food or other products, would generally want to avoid PG based e-liquids for this reason. While many vegetarians are not so strict, with some eating dairy or eggs (known technically as lacto-ovo-vegetarians) or fish (known as pescatarians), and in the case of an e-liquid you aren’t actually eating the product, it still gives most vegetarians better peace of mind to know they have chosen an option that doesn’t include anything that animal products were used to make.

What about Vegans?

Vegans are a stricter form of vegetarian, who not only avoid meat, poultry, fish and shellfish, but also all animal products for food. This means they are careful not to eat anything that had any animal products used in its production, even if there is no animal product in the final item (some forms of wine, for example, are not suitable for a vegan diet). Vegans also avoid using things outside of their diets that are derived from animal sources, so they don’t wear leather or wool. There are some arguments about whether certain animal products such as honey should also be avoided by vegans, even though in general no harm is done to animals in their production. Vegans, even more so than vegetarians, should be very careful to only use VG e-liquids in order to make sure what they are vaping is completely in line with their lifestyle choices.

Other Reasons a 100% VG E-Liquid Can be Better for Vegetarians

People who are vegetarian also often tend to care the most about the origins of the things they eat or use. They are often the most interested in things that come from organic and GMO free sources. Believe it or not, it is quite easy to find organic, non GMO e-liquids in a huge range of flavours, and these will almost always be 100% VG.

Why the ‘100%’ Part is Important

If you are reading this and thinking that a 100% VG e-liquid fits best with your preferences, then it is important to find one that genuinely doesn’t contain any PG. Many VG e-liquids do actually have some PG in them as the flavours come in a PG base, so this means that while the main component for vaping is the vegetable glycern, you are still buying something that may have been derived from animal sources. If this is important to you, then ensure that the e-liquids you buy and use are completely, 100% VG, and from natural, organic sources.

100% VG Liquids for Non-Vegetarians

The 100% VG option is ideal for vegans and vegetarians, and also for others with dietary requirements relating to animal products (such as those who follow halal or kosher diets), but they don’t only exist for this market. Many vapers actually prefer them for other reasons, such as the fact they give more vapour, and can offer a lighter ‘kick’ at the back of the throat. Additionally, some people have mild allergies to PG and can therefore prefer using VG based vapes to avoid skin rashes.

100% VG is the best choice for vegetarians and vegans, but is also a good option for any other vaper!

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