5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking Tobacco

The vast majority of smokers and tobacco-users will probably tell you that they’ve tried to quit the habit multiple times. With doctors advising against smoking for numerous health reasons, and many thought-provoking anti-smoking advertising campaigns designed by the government to put smokers off the habit, it’s easy to understand why lots of smokers actually do want to stop smoking.

It’s normal that everybody wants to live a long and happy life, but those who smoke tobacco are not only putting their own health at risk, they’re also potentially causing harm to their loved ones and others around them. Not only that, smokers waste a large proportion of their income each month, with the cost of cigarettes steadily on the increase. Many smokers comfort themselves with stories of their grandparents who smoked and lived well into their 90’s, however few smokers actually do see this age, and today’s generation have a wealth of information regarding the effects of smoking that their grandparents did not.

Although kicking a tobacco habit for good is never easy, the rewards and benefits reaped by ditching the cigarettes is often motivation enough for many. Read on to discover the top five reasons why you should quit smoking tobacco today.

1. Smokers Are at a Higher Risk of Cancer

Very few non-smokers are diagnosed with lung cancer, and non-smokers diagnosed with the disease have often been exposed to regular passive cigarette smoke. 90% of lung cancer diagnoses are caused by smoking, so by ditching the cigs, you’re doing your lungs a favour.

Not only that, but according to the NHS, smokers aren’t only putting themselves at a higher risk of lung cancer. Cancer of the stomach, mouth, and oesophagus are just some of the ten types of cancer that by being a smoker, you are at higher risk of developing.

2. It’s a Myth That Smoking Tobacco Helps with Stress

Relief from stress is a common reason why people turn to tobacco and cigarettes, but smoking tobacco doesn’t actually have any effect on your stress levels. Smoking tobacco actually causes stress, as it’s the nicotine cravings that make smokers feel tense and stressed out. The only way to relieve this is to satisfy the craving, which leads to smoking a cigarette, so it’s a vicious cycle.

Electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to smoking cigarettes and tobacco, as they contain nicotine, meaning that you’ll still be able to satisfy your nicotine cravings without having to inhale any tar or nasty chemicals that come with smoking tobacco. Many smokers are turning to the e-cig as a way to quit smoking cigarettes, and some are using them as a way to completely wean themselves off nicotine.

3. Quitting Won’t Always Cause You to Put on Weight

Many smokers are worried about quitting as they’re worried that it’ll cause them to gain weight, especially if they turn to food to satisfy cravings that they’d normally sort out with a cigarette.

However, by making an effort to make healthier choices, it’s very possible to avoid putting on any extra pounds after quitting the fags. Those most susceptible to weight gain after quitting are those who are already considerably overweight and those who drink heavily.

A great way to avoid gaining weight during the quitting process is to participate in regular physical exercise whilst you’re quitting, but postpone going on a diet until after you’ve completely quit – usually a few weeks after you smoke your last cigarette, depending on how long you’ve been smoking for. Taking up vaping with an e-cigarette is also a good way to ensure you don’t end up eating more.

4. Smoking Causes Premature Aging

Smoking cigarettes or tobacco causes skin to age prematurely by between 10-20 years, meaning that by continuing to smoke, you’ll probably end up with wrinkles long before you’re ready. Smoking can also double the risk of developing skin conditions, and the effect it has on your skin is irreversible.

Not only that, but smoking can make your teeth look awful – it stains and discolours teeth, and increases the risk of tooth decay, causing a variety of dental issues that could be expensive to fix.

5. Smoking Puts Your Loved Ones at Risk

Because over 80% of smoke from cigarettes is completely invisible, you can’t see the damage that you’re doing to the people around you when you light up near them, even if you’ve got the window open or you’re at a distance. Passive smoke causes many of the same risks as actually smoking a cigarette does.

This is not a definitive list – there are hundreds of problems associated with smoking, all of which you can avoid by quitting the habit today. So, however you choose to quit, ditching the tobacco will help your life become healthier, happier, and a lot more positive!

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