777 (Triple Seven) eCigs Bullet Electronic Cigarette Review

If you are a big fan of e-cigarette products and brands, you may have heard quite a bit lately about 777 eCigs, which has been growing rather quickly over the last year. This highly ethical organisation also offers a variety of high quality vaping items at surprisingly affordable prices. And, unlike other e-cigarette companies out there, their website is not loaded with ridiculous false claims.

News hit recently that 777 is launching a whole new e-cig, but this one will be different from previous models because it will have a longer battery life and it will come with a mini clearomiser. Needless to say, we wanted to give this new product a try and review it for our readers.

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Black or stainless steel finish
  • A 320mAh, 3.7v, 808-threaded lithium-ion rechargeable battery that uses manual activation
  • A mini-clearomiser that holds 1.3ml of e-liquid
  • 15-second cut-off time
  • Essentials or Standard Kit options

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First Impressions

Miniature e-cigs are also referred to as cig-a-likes, and 777 eCigs is probably going to make a big splash in the market when this latest model, which is referred to as the Bullet, hits shelves. What we immediately realised is that this e-cigarette is absolutely perfect for use in public spaces when you do not want to draw attention to yourself as a smoker. The Bullet is not much larger than your typical e-cig, but it is great at incognito vaping.


We also noticed that the overall vaping experience with the Bullet is better than that of other mini e-cigs that we have tried. And we think that, once more smokers give this model a try, they will never want to go back to another standard miniature e-cigarette ever again. This product is sure to revolutionise the market.

Basically, the Bullet is a 2-piece e-cig. It also has a larger than average and manually activated battery, which is rated 320mAh. Rather than the standard cartomiser, this little e-cig has what can be described as a baby clearomiser to suit its smaller size. All together, though, there is more flavour and vapour, along with a longer battery life than other models available. This also makes it a perfect option for those who want to go with a bigger e-cigarette but are not yet ready to make that transition.

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Giving It a Test Run

No review of the Bullet would be complete without discussing the two starter kit options that 777 offers.

The Essentials Kit features a single mini-clearomiser and a single battery, plus a USB and wall adapter, and a printed manual. For those who have already become accustomed to using e-cigs, this is a great kit because it gives you everything you need to enjoy a stronger e-cig at a great price. However, it is not the best option for those who are looking to replace their current setups, or for those who are first starting out.

The Standard Kit, on the other hand, is better for those who are not looking for a single-battery backup kit that would otherwise require some downtime whenever it needs to recharge. So the Standard Kit gives you everything in the Essentials Kit, along with an additional mini-clearomiser and another battery, all for just a little bit more money than the Essentials Kit.

Bear in mind, though, that neither kit comes with any e-liquids, so do not forget to purchase some if you are going to be grabbing up one of these new products.

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Final Thoughts

For individuals who prefer to stick with pre-filled cartomisers and who would not want to change the way they smoke, the Bullet probably is not a good idea. But if you are ready to move from pre-filled cartomisers or to a stronger vape overall, the Bullet is the ideal way to make the move.

On the other hand, if you are brand new to the whole vaping experience, you can also go straight to the Bullet and avoid getting too used to pre-filled cartomisers in the first place. This is actually a more affordable option, and you will not have to deal with those annoying last few hours of a cartomiser as it is dying. Instead, many people prefer being able to see the amount of e-liquid that is still available in their clearomiser so they can fill it quickly without ever having to worry about a weak vape or that disgusting burnt flavour that occurs when the cartomiser is nearly empty. If you are using the Bullet consistently, you can expect to refill it probably once a day.

777 (Triple Seven) eCigs Bullet

777 (Triple Seven) eCigs Bullet Electronic Cigarette Review
Overall, this e-cig performs extremely well, it is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, provides a solid vape, and is definitely priced right for those who are new to, or experienced with, e-cigarettes.
7.1 Total Score
777 (Triple Seven) eCigs Bullet E-Cigarette Review

Overall, this e-cig performs extremely well, it is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, provides a solid vape, and is definitely priced right for those who are new to, or experienced with, e-cigarettes.

Design and build quality
Features and functions
Performance and vapour production
Value for money
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