Aspire Atlantis 2 Review

Vaping has come a long way over the last decade or so. I am sure many people never expected to see the types of modifications that are being done these days and could never have imagined people would be getting paid for winning cloud chasing competitions. Part of this growth has been fuelled by manufacturers openly considering suggestions from those people that partake in the vaping pastime. A great example of this is Aspire Atlantis’s second version of its subtank. It is a marked improvement over its predecessor and Aspire did a nice job of listening to its customers when redesigning it.

Key Features and Specifications

Here are some of the main features and characteristics of this nice little clearomiser product:

  • Competition bore drip tip featuring proprietary stainless steel
  • Pyrex glass tank
  • Fully redesigned adjustable dual air flow feature with an additional airflow valve at the base of the drip tip
  • USA organic cotton coils
  • High end vapour production and maximum flavour enhancement
  • Uses the patented Aspire Bottom Vertical Coil technology

Specifications that pertain to the Aspire Atlantis 2:

  • Suggested retail price = $30
  • 3 ohm coil for use with 70 to 80 Watt producing devices
  • 5 ohm coil for use with 20 to 30 watt producing devices
  • Subtank capacity = 3 ml
  • Interchangeable coils available: 0.3 ohm coil (70-80 watt range), 0.5 ohm coil (20-30 watt range) and a 1 ohm coil (40-50 watt range)
  • 100% USA organic cotton wicking material
  • Small 22 mm diameter
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sorry no RBA due to the Aspire Atlantis 2’s small size

The kit includes the following:

  • 1 x Aspire Atlantis 2 subtank
  • 1 x 0.5 ohm coil (pre-installed)
  • 1 x 0.3 ohm coil

Improvement from version 1:

  • Added USA organically grown cotton coils that replace the old ceramic coils
  • The addition of two new coil types that can be used with the new version of the clearomiser: 0.3 ohm coil and 1 ohm coil
  • Tank capacity increased from 2 ml to 3 ml
  • Much improved airflow – two adjustable airflow slots plus another slot in the drip tip
  • Added a unique wide bore drip tip – helps to cool the vapour in conjunction with the increased airflow at higher wattages
  • Replaceable Pyrex glass tank (no spare included in the package like version 1)
  • Increased juice flow and flavour
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First Impressions

We have to admit that we really liked what we saw. The upgrades were so significant that even a novice vaper could spot the differences. As we mentioned before, it’s apparent that Aspire took their customers suggestions seriously and really did their homework before releasing this model.

It’s small like the Kanger Subtank Nano but it too packs a big punch for its small size too. The enhanced tank size from 2 ml to 3 ml was a nice improvement but we feel it limits the model just a little and it could have been better if the capacity was 4 ml or better.

The only thing we can think of to really put the Aspire Atlantis 2 over the top is by somehow adding a rebuildable deck; now that would be quite a game changer for sure.

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Giving It a Test Run

We found that the coils were fairly easy to change and the unit itself was easy to install despite the fact a few accessories that were needed were not in the kit. Once again, the small size made it look a little odd on some of the devices we tried it on, but it did not affect the feel or the balance of the e-cigs we attached it too.

Since we had previously tested the first version of the Atlantis, we immediately noticed how much cooler the vapour was and there was no trace of the throat burn that sometimes was apparent with the previous version. The best flavour and the coolest vapour was at the 80 watt range but this also used up fluid at a much more rapid rate than the other settings. At 80 watts the vapour was too hot for some of us to handle with the drip tip air control valve closed. Once this was opened up, the vapour was very cool and it was pure pleasure.

After using this new version we can confidently assess that it is a very substantial upgrade over the previous version. We liked the improvements very much and we think this clearomiser will be a very popular sales item for many months to come for vapers.

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Final Thoughts

The first Aspire Atlantis was a good clearomiser and ahead of its time but the newer version is light years ahead of the older model. We have no problem recommending that vapers who own compatible devices give this super little clearomiser a try.

Aspire Atlantis 2 Review
Aspire Atlantis Version 2

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