Aspire Atlantis Review

In this review we’ll be trying out the Atlantis, a standard-setting sub ohm tank by Aspire. A one-of-a-kind tank, the Atlantis has really set a standard to beat in the market for clearomisers and sub-ohm tanks.

Because the Aspire Atlantis is designed for sub ohm vaping – that’s vaping at a level of resistance less than 1 ohm – it produces bigger clouds and provides the user with a better, intense and luxurious flavour from their e-liquid when they vape. If you’re a vaping novice, the Atlantis Aspire isn’t recommended – sub ohm vaping with the Atlantis requires the right specific mods and batteries, so it’s not recommended that you get into sub ohm vaping unless you’re an experienced vaper who knows what they’re doing. The mech mod, or box mod that you’re using will need to be compatible with vaping at less than 1 ohm, so if you’re thinking of getting the Atlantis, check that the batteries and mods you’re planning to use with it are compatible products first.

Key Features and Specifications

What’s Included?

The whole kit consists of the complete Aspire Atlantis tank which comes with a 5 ohm coil, a spare glass tube made from Pyrex and a replacement coil of 0.5 ohm.

Tech Specs:

The capacity of the tank that comes with the Aspire Atlantis is at a capacity of 2.0ml, although if you’re after a bigger tank you can buy a more spacious one (see below). Its width is 22mm, and its 70.3mm long, with air hole sizes ranging from 2mm-2.6mm. It’s best used with batteries at a power of 20-30W.

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First Impressions

With a basic yet stylish finish of stainless steel, the Aspire Atlantis, in our opinion, looks really great. At the top, the Aspire logo is etched into the side of the tank, giving it a classy, stylish appearance. Overall, we thought that the general appearance of the Aspire Atlantis looked really nice. In regards to the size of the Aspire Atlantis, the width is perfect at 22mm, the ideal size for using with most mods. For what it is, the Atlantis is surprisingly lightweight, and it’s also not too tall – so it’s easily stored away discreetly. The top has a large, removable drip tip, which has a large diameter.

Although the Atlantis has gained points for practicality by being so thin and small, a downfall of this is that it only has a 2ml capacity tank, which many users have deemed not big enough for their needs. Because the Atlantis goes through lots of e-liquid, the 2ml juice tank doesn’t last very long either, meaning that you run out of liquid rather quickly. However, the great news is that Aspire have already heard the requests for a bigger capacity tank for the Atlantis, and have released a replacement tank that can hold up to 5ml. It fits on the current tank, simply making it a bit longer lengthwise. Brilliant stuff from Aspire for coming up with a solution so quickly!

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Giving It a Test Run

The Aspire Atlantis is simple to take apart, and the coils are easily screwed in. As the coils are 0.5ohm, they’re a lot smaller than the nautilus coils used by Aspire previously, meaning that if you have any nautilus coils, they’re not interchangeable with the Atlantis. The coils are designed in such a way that they produce loads of vapour and an intense flavour, thanks to the large juice holes in the coil that feed the e-liquid into the vertically built coil.

There are four different air flow holes to choose from with the Aspire Atlantis, and the larger the size of the hole, the bigger the vapour clouds are that you’ll be able to create. The fourth hole is the largest, and it creates some really massive clouds. With a wide air flow, lots of air is able to flow into the coil. If you close the airflow or use too little, mouth inhaling is practically impossible with the Atlantis, as the coil heats up, making the vapour very warm. Because sub ohm tanks require high airflow in order for them to work well, they produce the best results when you lung inhale on them directly.

In regards to ease of use, we found that the Aspire Atlantis really excelled above the others. It’s perfectly capable of producing RDA-type clouds, but there’s no added hassle of rebuilding the coils, or the need to drip your e-liquid regularly. If you’re already sorted with a battery, all you need to do is grab the Atlantis, fill it with liquid, and go – it really is that easy! We found that for the best RDA experience, you should let the Atlantis sit for a minute after filling in order for the e-liquid to be absorbed into the wick. This will also help with the flavour, which we found exquisite.

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Final Thoughts

It’s only downfall in our opinion was the 2ml tank, simply due to large amount of e-liquid that it goes through. However, if you’re looking for a great alternative to an RDA or RBA, look no further than the Atlantis.


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