Best Sub Ohm E-Cig Tanks

If you’re in the market for one of the many sub ohm tanks available, you may be wondering which choice is the right one for you. After all, with so many options, it can make the shopping process an overwhelming one.

Are you wondering what the best sub ohm tanks are? Then continue reading to learn a bit about a few of the best models that you can choose from.

Kanger Subtank Mini

With the Kanger Subtank Mini, you can enjoy a wattage of 15-30W on the 0.5ohm coil, or go with 12-25W on the 1.2ohm coil. Its tank capacity is 4.5ml, and it includes an RBA deck in the kit. Its diameter is 22mm, and its wicking material is 100% organic Japanese cotton.

Pros: For many, this is the top sub ohm tank when it comes to producing great flavour, and it’s also considered one of the most versatile sub ohm tanks available. It comes with an RBA deck, an extra Pyrex glass tank, plenty of accessories, and two coils, so it’s a kit that has everything you need.

Cons: Some vapers experience a slow leak through this device’s airflow holes, but the newest o-rings may have resolved this problem. Another limitation is the inability to vape at higher wattages, as its limit seems to be 30W (otherwise, you risk dry hits or vapour that’s too hot).

Vaporfi Volt

The Vaporfi Volt has a wattage range of 15-30W on a 0.5ohm coil, and 12-25W on a 1.2ohm coil. The tank capacity is 4.5ml and the wicking material is 100% organic Japanese cotton. The RBA deck is included in the purchase, and the product’s diameter is 22mm.

Pros: This modified Kanger Subtank comes with its own o-rings and features a new insulator material and bigger juice holes. It pretty much functions just like the Subtank Mini, meaning you’ll get great flavour and vapour. Plus, it won’t leak.

Cons: Because of its great features, this sub ohm tank is a bit more expensive than others on the market. However, it does come with a 90-day warranty and 30-day money back guarantee, so you can certainly splurge and see if it was worth the money.

Crown Sub Ohm Tank by Uwell

The Crown Sub Ohm Tank by Uwell features a wattage range of 10-120W, along with single and dual vertical coils. The tank capacity is 4ml and the coils available are 0.5ohm and 1.2ohm for the single coils and 0.25ohm and 0.5ohm for the dual coils. There’s no RBA, and the diameter at the widest point is 24mm and 22mm at its base. Also, its wicking material is 100% organic imported cotton.

Pros: This is a high-wattage sub ohm tank that’s one of the best you’ll ever try. It provides great flavour and it can also be top-filled, making it really easy and convenient to use. On top of all of that, it’s a very well-built device, as it won’t leak and will come apart completely, so it’s simple to keep clean. You can use a 4ml e-liquid perfectly, and there’s plenty of airflow thanks to two large holes. Go ahead and use it with higher wattages, or go with the 1.2ohm coil if you prefer using lower wattages.

Cons: Some vapers may not like the fact that there isn’t an RBA with this sub ohm tank. But other than that, people who’ve tried it have had no complaints.

Kanger Subtank Nano

The Kanger Subtank Nano features a wattage range of 15-30W on the 0.5ohm coil and 12-25W on the 1.2ohm coil. Its tank capacity is 3ml and it features 100% organic Japanese cotton for the wicking material. Its diameter is 18.5mm but it can’t be utilised with an RBA.

Pros: If you’re looking for the smallest sub ohm tank around, this is it. It will easily fit onto smaller 18.5mm batteries, and it will allow you to enjoy great flavour and large vapour clouds, too. Plus, its size makes it perfect for bringing it wherever you go.

Cons: The main problem with the Kanger Subtank Nano is the fact that you can’t use it with the Kanger RBA. This means that you’ll have to get the normal Subtank or the Subtank Mini to be able to use the RBA.

Aspire Atlantis 2

The Aspire Atlantis 2 has a 0.5ohm coil that works with 20-30W, a 1ohm coil that works with 40-50W, and 0.3ohm coil that works with 70-80W. Its tank capacity is 3ml, its diameter is 22mm, and its wicking material is 100% organic cotton, but it doesn’t come with an RBA.

Pros: This sub ohm tank comes with a wide range of coils to work with any vaper’s individual needs, as well as a larger tank, great airflow, and a wide bore drip tip so you can safely use higher wattages while keeping the vapour cool with more airflow. Vapers enjoy large clouds and superb flavour.

Cons: The lack of RBA and spare Pyrex glass could be a deal-breaker for some. Otherwise, it’s a solid sub ohm tank.

Now that you know about a few of the best sub ohm tanks on the market, you can make the choice that’s right for you and your budget.

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