Consequences of a Ban on E-Cig Vaping in the EU

Some people are working hard throughout the EU to place a ban on electronic cigarettes. Many don’t fully understand why e-cigs are necessary, especially for smokers who are trying to quit smoking in a healthier way, and they don’t understand that e-cigs aren’t harmful to the person vaping or to those that are surrounded by the vapour that’s produced.

So what would the negative consequences be if a ban were instituted against electronic cigarettes in the EU? Continue reading to learn more.


Many Former Smokers Would Return to Smoking

One of the main reasons that people choose to start vaping in the first place is because they’re trying to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Of the 1.5 million vapers currently found throughout the UK, 61%, or over 1 million, would go back to smoking regular cigarettes in the event that e-cigs were banned.

With so much effort being put forth to encourage smokers to quit, both for their health and for the health of others who would inhale their second-hand smoke, it becomes clear that a ban would be a step in the wrong direction. It would end up undoing a lot of the progress that former smokers have made, especially if they’re in the process of reducing their addiction to nicotine (they’d have to find their nicotine fix elsewhere, and the only place to find it would be in regular cigarettes again).

But even if e-cigs weren’t banned completely, there are people who would return to smoking cigarettes if other types of bans were implemented on the electronic cigarette market. For example, 46.5% of people who currently vape say that they would end up going back to smoking tobacco cigarettes if refillable e-cigs were banned. This translates to nearly 700,000 people.

An Increase in Black Market Sales

The black market is filled with products that can be harmful to people of all ages. But a ban on e-liquids would result in many people having to resort to black market purchases to get the e-liquids that they need and want for their electronic cigarettes.

In fact, 66% of vapers have stated that they would certainly purchase from the black market if a ban were instituted against e-liquids that they were currently using. The problem is that black market e-liquids may contain poor quality ingredients and actually be more harmful to the vapers who purchase them because they wouldn’t be regulated.

Voting to Keep E-Cigs Legal

Politicians need to really take note of the fact that people would be willing to change the way that they vote in order to ensure that there are no bans against e-cigs and their accessories.

About 85.5% of people have said that they’d vote against EU membership in the event a ban on electronic cigarettes were enforced.

On top of that, 87% of vapers have stated that, in order to protect their right to vaping, they’d change their vote if they found out that their preferred candidate were in support of a ban

And an additional 69% of people have expressed that they’d likely give their vote to a pro-independence party, like UKIP as an example, if the EU were to ban electronic cigarettes.

Why Does the EU Want to Ban Electronic Cigarettes Anyway?

Many people have differing opinions as to why the EU wants to place a ban on electronic cigarettes. It’s clear that the reasoning for the ban is unclear, as so many people have varying thoughts on the matter.

The majority of people surveyed–88%, to be exact–think that the ban has something to do with protecting the revenue of tobacco companies. This is a valid point, especially when you consider the fact that vaping has grown considerably in popularity over the last few years. More manufacturers are available, producing the latest and greatest e-cig products for sale in many countries. As more smokers try to quit, they are turning to the e-cig market, which is growing as the cigarette market sees losses.

64% of people think that the ban is simply the result of ignorance, 51% think it is a result of corruption, and 3.1% of people think that it is actually because of concerns over public health. The remaining 3.2% of people who were surveyed were not sure at all why there would be a ban on electronic cigarettes. As you can see, the majority of people feel that the reasons for the ban aren’t positive ones, nor are they for the good of the people.

With so many people ready to change the way that they vote and to work hard for their right to continue vaping, it will be interesting to see if a ban is ever implemented or not. Here’s hoping that the bans won’t be implemented and that people will continue to have access to e-cigs that help them quit smoking for good.

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