Dummies Guide to Electronic Cigarette Vaping

Do you have trouble understanding what e-cigs are and how they operate? Then continue reading for a really easy explanation that anyone can understand.

Circuitry of an E-Cig

Below is a breakdown of the major components of the circuitry of an e-cig that may seem confusing to a new vaper.

Resistance Wire

A resistance wire in an e-cig is designed to have a high level of resistance in order to transfer electricity efficiently.

Resistance Wire Coil

The electricity produced in an e-cig is pushed through one end of the resistance wire coil so that it can come out of the other end. This coil will become hot as a result of the electricity passing through it.


The wick is located inside the resistance wire coil. When a piece of silica or cotton is placed in the coil and saturated with your e-liquid, the heat that’s created will then vaporise the e-cig juice so you can inhale it.

Getting to Know E-Cig Devices

There are four major types of e-cig devices. Just be aware that it’s always best to purchase these items from reputable vaping retailers and manufacturers, as low quality items are out there and they will only serve to turn you off from the vaping experience.

All of the following devices are used to power the coil that serves to cradle the wick, which heats up the e-liquid in your e-cig.


A disposable e-cig device is going to be pretty expensive. It also won’t deliver the right flavour or performance, and the vapour quality will be poor. Many of these types of devices will end up failing to operate completely after just a few puffs, if they work properly to begin with at all.

Unfortunately, a disposable e-cig device is often the first type of device that people try when they attempt vaping for the first time. This gives them a bad impression and leads to a lot of waste. Therefore, avoid disposables and invest in something that’s higher quality and will give you a true vaping experience without the waste. Plus, dry silica, when burnt, is harmful, but these devices are on shelves for so long that you’re likely to get some harmful substances into your lungs as a result.

So, even though they’re convenient because you don’t have to recharge or refill them, they’re actually quite bad for you and the environment, as well as the entire vaping industry.

Starter Kit

A great starting point for a lot of vapers, the starter kit provides a familiar cigarette design in a portable package. But it’s quite mediocre in terms of performance, so serious vapers will end up upgrading sooner or later.

The great thing about a starter kit is that you can find it pretty much anywhere that vaping devices are sold. It’s also quite inexpensive, especially if you locate a great deal (just be aware that the prices on these devices vary widely).

The cons associated with a starter kit include poor vapour quality and proprietary atomiser heads that make it difficult to find replacements. These devices may send you back to smoking cigarettes if you aren’t satisfied with them, so beware when considering purchasing them, as they don’t give you a true vaping experience either.

Digital Mod

The digital mod is easy to use and affordable. It also has plenty of great features, like variable voltage and variable wattage that allows you to adjust the heat within the coil as needed. And you can also use a range of atomisers from myriad companies. Other great features include overload protection, a battery life display, an affordable and swappable battery, and an ohm meter.

The problem with a digital mod is that it looks more like a miniature flashlight than a regular cigarette. Plus, it can be pretty expensive, though there are plenty of products that are in the lower price brackets on the market.

Overall, a digital mod is a great choice for those seeking a true vaping experience. It will be worth your investment.

Mechanical Mod

Mechanical mods are great looking devices that are built tough to last a long time. These devices will produce the very best vaping experience, right down to the amount of vapour produced and the flavour of the vapour.

There are plenty of mechanical mods to choose from, and they all look great, but you should go with one that’s within your budget. It may take a while to learn how to properly use one, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it and you won’t want to go back to smoking regular cigarettes. This is what vaping is intended to be like.

Hopefully this short breakdown of e-cigs and the different types of devices will help you choose the right one that will have you vaping in no time.

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