Guide: E-Cig E-Liquid Ingredients and Facts

The liquid that literally fuels your electronic cigarette is referred to as e-cig juice, or e-liquid. This is the liquid that’s heated and transformed into the vapour that’s flavoured just how you like it and that’s also completely safe to inhale and exhale.

To learn more about e-cig e-liquids, continue reading for a few interesting facts, especially if you are new to vaping or if you simply want to be absolutely certain that your electronic cigarettes and their e-liquids are safe to use.

Three Basic Ingredients

All electronic cigarette e-liquids contain three basic ingredients. These are a diluting substance, a flavour, and nicotine.

Getting Just the Right Amount of Nicotine Every Time

The e-liquid that you use will provide you with the necessary boost of nicotine that your body requires. And the great thing is that e-liquids are manufactured with a range of nicotine dosages. So whether you need a lot of nicotine or just a little, you can choose the e-liquid that has the appropriate level of potency. And when you have finally gotten yourself to the point that you are no longer addicted to nicotine, you can even purchase an e-cig juice that is flavoured but does not contain any nicotine whatsoever.

For those who are not aware, nicotine is not a harmless substance. However, it is addictive. So, even though it is found in regular cigarettes and it is the main reason that people get so addicted to smoking, it is not the ingredient that actually does harm to the body. Instead, the thousands of toxins that are found in traditional tobacco cigarettes, as well as the smoke that is produced when you burn a cigarette, are what’s to blame for all of the disease and pollution that occurs as a result of smoking.

Below is a list of the nicotine strengths that are available. So, when shopping for e-liquids, be sure to find the appropriate dosage of nicotine until you can finally quit the substance altogether.

  • Extra high dose = 24mg
  • High dose = 18mg
  • Medium dose = 12mg
  • Low dose = 6mg
  • No nicotine = 0mg

The Diluting Substances That Make Your E-Liquid Work Perfectly

The e-liquid that you purchase will also contain substances that are known as diluents. These are diluting substances that will help your e-liquid properly and quickly transform into the delicious vapour that you will enjoy inhaling and exhaling. The main diluents used in e-liquids are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

Propylene glycol is also referred to as PG, for short. It is non-toxic, meaning it will not do any harm to your body or to the environment. It is also found in a variety of other products that you use every day, such as medications and cosmetic products. It is even found in some foods.

Vegetable glycerine is a great alternative for those who are looking for a more natural ingredient, as it is derived from plants. It is sweet and thick, as well as completely safe and non-toxic. And, like propylene glycol, there are a variety of foods, medicines, and other household and cosmetic products that you use every day that contain this ingredient.

The Flavourings That Make Your E-Liquid Taste Delicious

In addition to the ingredients listed above, e-liquids also contain flavouring agents that make the vaping experience a tasty and enjoyable one. Because of the variety of flavours available, you can always try something different so that you never get tired of vaping with the same flavour all the time. And the tasty vapour also makes it even easier to ditch traditional cigarettes and their strongly scented and strongly flavoured smoke.

Whether you are looking for a traditional tobacco flavour or one that is more unique and exotic, the e-liquid industry has you covered. There are countless tastes to choose from, and you can even mix more than one e-liquid together to create a flavour combination that you will love and that you can call all your own.

Some of the fun e-liquid flavours that you can choose from include cola, cinnamon, vanilla, cherry, coffee, strawberry, lemon, lime, banana, apple, orange, chocolate, blueberry, candy, various dessert flavours like cake, pie, and cookie flavours, caramel, and much more.

E-Liquids are Safe and Tasty

The great thing about e-liquids is the fact that they are at once safe and tasty. And you have plenty of options choose from, not only in terms of your preferred flavours, but also in terms of what e-liquid manufacturer you would like to use.

Just be sure to purchase your e-liquids from reputable manufacturers and sales companies, as there are some on the market that are more affordable but of a much lower quality. You want to be certain that you purchase e-liquids that are made using the highest quality ingredients for the best and safest vaping experience.

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