E-Cigarette News, Stats, Facts & Research

Electronic cigarettes have come a long way very quickly. Even though they have only been available throughout the world for a few years, many people are jumping on the vaping bandwagon for a variety of great reasons. Whether they are looking for a healthy way to effectively quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, or they simply enjoy the vaping experience with all of its myriad flavoured e-liquids, there are many people who have fallen in love with vaping.

But to really get to know more about the electronic cigarette market and what makes it so popular, continue reading for a list of interesting news, stats, and facts about e-cigs and their accessories.

E-Cig Retailers are Seeing Increased Sales


E-cig retailers are seeing consistent growth in the sales of their products. For example, when Sarah and Howard Bland, a husband and wife team with decades of experience in the retail industry, opened a kiosk for selling e-cig products a few years ago in Hyde’s Clarendon Square, they did not expect that they would quickly grow from a small operation to a large one.

They experienced so much growth that they decided to move into an entire storefront within a Greater Manchester shopping centre in order to properly accommodate all of their customers and products that they demanded. Since then, their business has continued to grow substantially, to the point that they have four additional kiosks and a shop in Greater Manchester.

Though E-Cigs Contain Nicotine, They Don’t Have Other Toxins

According to a study, individuals who stand near someone who is vaping will be exposed to nicotine that is within the vapour that is produced. But they will not be exposed to all of the toxins that are found in second-hand smoke produced by cigarettes.

Maciej Goniewicz researches cancer at the Department of Health Behavior at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York. She has stated that even the exposure to second-hand nicotine is less from e-cigs than from regular cigarettes. She also stated that nicotine exposure is far less toxic than exposure to the other chemicals in cigarette smoke.

A Sexy E-Cig Ad Causes Complaints

A Radcliffe e-cig company described a suggestive television advertisement for e-cigs as “slightly cheeky,” but viewers did not hesitate to submit 147 complaints against it. Complaints were submitted to the Advertising Standards Agency, commonly referred to as the ASA, after the ad aired shortly after 9pm on a Saturday.

The 20-second ad was filled with innuendos and featured a woman wearing a tight black dress. Even though it at first appears that she is making sexual references, it becomes clear that she is, in fact, talking about e-cigs.

Statistics on Electronic Cigarettes


Below are a few interesting statistics about e-cigs:

  1. 97% of people who switch from smoking to vaping notice a reduction in their smoker’s cough
  2. 80% of people who switch to vaping after smoking cigarettes find that their sense of smell improves
  3. After just one week of vaping, 90% of people feel healthier than they did while they were smoking cigarettes
  4. The level of carcinogens in an e-cig is a whopping 1,000 times lower than the level of carcinogens in a typical tobacco cigarette
  5. E-cigs are recyclable
  6. E-cigs don’t require combustion to operate and, therefore, do not pose a risk of fire
  7. An average vaper will save roughly 70-80% each month after switching from smoking regular cigarettes

Facts About E-Cigs


Below are a few key facts about electronic cigarettes that anyone who is interested in e-cigs should know:

  1. An e-cig really is not a cigarette at all. Instead, it is a nicotine vaporiser that heats up a liquid that turns into steam as a result of the heat. This steam is then inhaled and exhaled in place of the smoke produced by regular cigarettes.
  2. The e-liquid that is found inside the cartridge of an e-cig is mostly made of tobacco essence, propylene glycol, artificial nicotine, flavourings, and tetramethylpyrazine. Compare this to regular cigarettes, which contain roughly 43 carcinogens amidst 4,000 harmful chemicals.
  3. Because the vapour that is produced by e-cigs is safer for the vaper, it is also safer for those around him. Unlike the harmful second-hand smoke produced by tobacco cigarettes, e-cig vapour is safe for bystanders.
  4. One day’s use of an e-cig produces fewer carcinogens than a nicotine patch and 1,400 times fewer carcinogens than a traditional tobacco cigarette.
  5. 32% who take up vaping are able to quit smoking regular cigarettes a month later.
  6. Electronic cigarettes are a budget-friendly and eco-friendly alternative to smoking cigarettes. A single e-cig cartridge is the equivalent of 25 cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are a great way to reduce your addiction to nicotine because they expose you to far fewer levels of nicotine than traditional cigarettes, and even fewer levels than those found in nicotine patches.

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