E-Cigarette Vaping is Safe – According to Recent Study

There has been quite a bit of controversy and debate surrounding the safety of vaping, with some experts claiming that vaping is completely safe for people, bystanders, and the environment, while others have been saying that it is actually more dangerous, or just as dangerous, as smoking.

To put all of your fears and concerns to rest, continue reading to learn about why e-cig vaping is actually safe. According to a recent study, there is now evidence to prove that you can vape with confidence that you are not doing any of the damage to your body that critics claim.

Getting to Know the Study

A study that analysed the effects of vaping was published in the December 2014 issue of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. It stated that its researchers were able to find conclusive data proving that the vapour that is emitted from personal vaping devices and electronic cigarettes, also referred to as e-cigs, is completely non-toxic. Put simply, according to the research that was conducted, vaping has been deemed safe by the experts.

More About the Results of the Study

The results of this study stated that inhaling the vapour that is emitted from the many different electronic vaping devices that are currently on the market is actually only about as harmful as breathing in normal, average air.

How did it come to these conclusions? Well, researchers measured the amount of potentially harmful and definitely harmful constituents (referred to as HPHCs, for short) that are released into the air, and into your lungs, by traditional tobacco cigarettes and by electronic cigarettes. The researchers also made sure that their measurements were as accurate as possible by using normal air in a room as their control.

The researchers concluded that the HPHCs released by the electronic cigarette devices were actually the same as those found in normal room air. Therefore, the HPHCs that are released by electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are not the same as those released by conventional tobacco cigarettes, which have already been deemed extremely harmful for smokers and second-hand smokers after decades of intelligent, thorough research.

Conclusions on Vaping Devices vs. Regular Cigarettes

In addition to the information stated above, the research team also found that regular tobacco cigarettes have 1,500 times more HPHCs than the most well known electronic cigarette products that are currently on the market. To put things in perspective, some of the devices that were utilised throughout the study included the Blu electronic cigarette and the UK’s own Sky brand of electronic cigarettes.

A total of eight toxins, which are known to be harmful to the human body, were measured. These included a variety of heavy metals, as well as carbon monoxide. Despite the many claims made by critics who state that vaping releases heavy metal toxins into the air, the researchers found that the vapour was not nearly as toxic as the smoke created by regular cigarettes. In fact, there was hardly any difference in the air from the control room versus the air in a room where someone had been vaping.

Things to Keep in Mind

This study focused mainly upon measuring data that would prove how safe or dangerous the vapour emitted by e-cig devices really is. The researchers did not perform any kind of research on the biological impact of the act of vaping itself. So, for example, the study was not able to conclude what the vapour from e-cig devices does to the human respiratory system or cardiovascular system. Instead, it merely focused on the contents of the vapour that is released by an electronic cigarette and inhaled and exhaled by the vaper.

The findings of this comprehensive study are great because they help people better understand that vaping is much safer than smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. But it should be noted that the study did not claim to prove that the whole practice of e-cig smoking, or vaping, is considered completely safe on the whole.

The results of the study do, however, disprove a lot of the claims that have been made against vaping, particularly in the California Public Health Department. Claims like those made by Director Dr. Ron Chapman, who stated that “E-cigarettes do not emit a harmless water vapour, but a concoction of chemicals toxic to human cells in the form of aerosol,” have now been proven false. Therefore, labelling vaping as a community health threat, as Dr. Chapman has done, is wrong.

To read more about this important topic, you can see the results of the study at this link. In the meantime, tell your smoker friends that they should switch to vaping, as it is much safer for them, those around them, and the environment. The more people quit by switching over to electronic cigarettes and vaping devices, the healthier everyone can be.

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