E-Liquid Vaping is Not the Same as Tobacco Smoking

More and more people all over the world are making the switch from smoking regular tobacco cigarettes to vaping with a variety of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. These people are doing it for a variety of reasons, whether they’re attempting to quit smoking or they simply want to vape even if they’ve never smoked before. If you walk down the busy streets of New York City, for example, you’ll see plenty of people every day who are vaping rather than smoking. And many of these people can even use their vaping devices in many public places where traditional tobacco cigarettes haven’t been allowed for years because of health concerns.

Yet, despite all of the benefits that vaping provides, there are still many people who deem it just as bad as smoking tobacco cigarettes. The truth, though, is that you cannot and should not categorise e-liquid vaping with tobacco smoking, as they’re two very different things in many different ways.

An Ideal and Highly Effective Way to Quit Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

Many people who’ve been cigarette smokers for years find that their efforts to quit are futile until they finally make the switch to vaping, which provides them with enough nicotine to get by while also allowing them to gently taper off their addiction until they’re nicotine-free.

It’s no surprise, then, that so many electronic cigarette companies have come onto the market to sell a variety of vaping devices to suit everyone’s preferences and needs. Smokers know that they need to quit, and these myriad devices give them the options they need.

The fast-growing vaping industry has been able to provide smokers with a viable model that they can use to get their nicotine until they can completely quit, and people appreciate the industry for giving them the chance to do just that.

The Rise in Vaping, E-Cig Devices, and Vaping Shops

Today, you can find a variety of e-cig devices online, as well as in specialty vape shops, food stops, fuel stations, and more. All over the world, vape shops are popping up to provide people with a personalised shopping experience and to help them find the e-cig device that’s just right for them. Individuals can try out different products and e-liquid flavours, for example, while relaxing and chatting with like-minded people who also want to quit smoking and lead a much healthier lifestyle.

Critics Against Vaping

Despite how big the vaping industry has become and how many people have been able to successfully quit smoking tobacco cigarettes because of it, there are plenty of critics out there from all over the world who claim that vaping is just as bad as smoking.

Thankfully, there is also plenty of scientific evidence, acquired through various studies, that prove how safe vaping really is. In fact, using an electronic cigarette is dramatically safer than using a tobacco cigarette.

Yet there are still cities across the planet that aren’t listening to the studies and are choosing to ignore the evidence about vaping’s safety. The industry’s current challenge, therefore, is trying to convince lawmakers, politicians, and lobbyists that vaping shouldn’t be banned in the same way that smoking is banned from public places.

Bans on Vaping in Public and On Vaping Age

In addition to many cities around the world banning vaping in public places, such as beaches, parks, and restaurants, there are also some parts of the world that are instituting laws that require that you be 21 years of age or older in order to be able to purchase vaping products and be able to vape.

Again, the critics claim that vaping is bad for the person who vapes, as well as for the people around him or her. But the truth is that there’s evidence that proves that the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette isn’t harmful to the vaper or to those nearby.

In fact, the vapour doesn’t contain any of the myriad harmful chemicals and toxins that are in regular tobacco cigarettes’ second-hand smoke. Therefore, these restrictions are unwarranted, and they’re only serving to make it more difficult for people who wish to vape in order to quit smoking. If these people are unable to get their nicotine fix with vaping, they may never be able to quit successfully, and they’ll continue endangering their lives and the lives of others.

Taking a Stand for Vaping

Many in the scientific and medical community can vouch for the safety of vaping. Health experts made news when a letter was sent directly to the head of the WHO (World Health Organization). The letter urged the WHO to promote the use of e-cigs and vaping devices as a means of saving lives by helping people quit smoking.

Hopefully, with the help of experts, the word about vaping will continue to spread and more people will begin to embrace it by realising it’s nothing like tobacco smoking.

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