Electronic Cigarettes Numbers & Percentages

When it comes to the electronic cigarettes market, numbers really do speak louder than words. The statistics that have been collected over the last few years since e-cigs really took hold of the global marketplace are truly astounding. This new market is growing rapidly, thanks to the fact that vaping is such a pleasurable experience and e-cig devices are offered in a range of prices to suit all budgets.

To learn more about electronic cigarettes and really take a look at some of the numbers that prove how successful this market really is, continue reading.


People Who Have Tried Electronic Cigarettes

The estimated number of people who use tobacco products, such as cigarettes, in the United States and who have tried an e-cig as of 2011 is over 2,500,000. To put this statistic in perspective, that translates to an e-cig smoker for every block contained within the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

44% of those who use e-cigs have stated that they have stuck with vaping within the first six months of trying out electronic cigarettes. This means that smokers who have tried to quit smoking have been successful by switching to vaping, as they have been able to completely transition to e-cigs and stick with them.

18% of those who started using electronic cigarettes have stated that they were able to quit using all tobacco products, as well as nicotine-containing products, within their first year of using e-cigs. This is further proof that you can quit smoking, as well as reduce and eliminate your nicotine dependency, with the help of e-cigs.

However, 38% of people who use electronic cigarettes admit to also using other tobacco products, such as regular cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and pipes.

A Look at E-Cig Annual Sales

Since 2010, the yearly sales of electronic cigarettes have grown substantially. In 2010, for example, 75,000 e-cig units were sold. In 2011, that number went way up to 2.5 million units. And in 2012, that number grew again. Experts are forecasting that steady growth will continue throughout the e-cig market around the globe, with more units sold and more revenue coming in as more people switch to vaping from cigarettes.

Lower revenue in the tobacco cigarette market is also proof that vaping is growing more popular as a better alternative to smoking. E-cigs are great for people who have had trouble quitting cigarettes in the past or who would like to smoke but don’t want to expose themselves to the toxic smoke of regular cigarettes.

E-Cigs Help People Save Money – Here’s How Much Money You Can Save

By making the switch to electronic cigarettes, smokers are able to not only quit tobacco products that are loaded with chemicals, but they’re also able to save quite a bit of money too.

If you were to smoke a pack of cigarettes every day, your average yearly cost would be in the thousands. Plus, you’d be very wasteful, going through roughly 7,300 cigarettes. By switching to vaping, though, you’d only be spending hundreds, and you’d only go through about 185 cartridges in a year’s time, which means a lot less waste will be entering the environment and you won’t have to run out and buy as many products either, which can certainly become a hassle.

Nicotine Strength of Electronic Cigarettes

Five of the top brands in the e-cig market are White Cloud, V2, Njoy, Blu, and Green Smoke. In addition to offering high quality e-cig devices and accessories, they also give you the opportunity to choose from a range of nicotine strengths to suit your particular needs and to help you gradually ease yourself off of your nicotine addiction completely.

If you are used to getting a lot of nicotine from your regular cigarettes, make sure you opt for products from these companies that have the highest nicotine strength available. Many people who switch to e-cigs end up complaining about the lack of nicotine strength, so it’s important to know what brands offer the highest levels.

If you prefer to get the most nicotine possible from your e-cig, go for a cartridge from White Cloud, which can provide you with 5.4mg of nicotine. But if you want a lower dose that is still quite potent, go with either V2 or Njoy, which both offer 1.8mg options. Blu and Green Smoke both only go up to 1.6mg in terms of nicotine strength, so they’re a good option if you want to reduce your dependency.

It’s Really Only the Beginning

The e-cig market is still so new that these amazing stats are really just the beginning. From the health benefits, to the fact that e-cigs are more eco-friendly than regular cigarettes, there are plenty of great reasons why more and more people are taking up vaping and ditching cigarettes. Will you be joining those who have already tried out electronic cigarettes?

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