Infographic: Facts You Didn’t Know About Electronic Cigarettes

Even if you have been enjoying vaping for years, there are probably a few interesting facts that you never knew about electronic cigarettes. If you are ready to expand your knowledge about these products, continue reading to learn more about them.

1963 Started It All



Many consider 1963 to be the year the e-cig was born. This was the year when Herbert A. Gilbert was able to patent a non-tobacco containing cigarette that was able to heat a liquid that contained nicotine until it transformed into steam.

Despite this patent, however, the product never made it to the manufacturing process, so it would not be until many years later that the modern electronic cigarette that many people use and love today would be made available.

Vaping is Popular in the UK


It is estimated that roughly 2.1 million adults who live in Great Britain currently enjoy using electronic cigarettes. But more and more people are trying to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes every day because they are so harmful to the body and toxic even to second-hand smokers who are exposed to cigarette smoke.

Plus, there are also millions of people from other parts of the globe who are already enjoying the benefits of vaping every day, with numbers continually growing as the e-cig market keeps expanding in popularity and accessibility.

The Most Popular Reasons for Vaping


There are two main reasons why people start vaping in the first place. 56% of vapers have stated that they took up the hobby as a means to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. 34% continue vaping in order to avoid going back to tobacco.

In other words, vaping is a great way to quit cigarettes and to never go back to them, even though there are plenty of people who take up vaping simply because they enjoy it, even if they have never smoked cigarettes before.

The Lives That Could Be Saved


Cigarettes are loaded not only with tobacco and nicotine, but also with a host of other harmful chemicals, such as tar, that are detrimental to the health of both smokers and those who are around smokers whenever they light up a cigarette and begin puffing away at it.

Many of the toxins in cigarettes become even more harmful when they are burned during the combustion process required to smoke cigarettes. And a good portion of the chemicals that are produced can cause cancer.

Countless deaths are reported each year as a result of smoking, which can lead to a variety of chronic ailments and death. But 54,000 lives could be saved in just one year if all of the 9 million British smokers were to quit cigarettes and switch to vaping.

How Much Healthier are E-Cigs Than Cigarettes?

E-cigs are a lot healthier for the body than a regular tobacco cigarette, but many people wonder just how much healthier they really are.

Put simply, the concentration of toxins in electronic cigarettes is around 1/20th the concentration of toxins found in regular cigarettes. As you can see, there are far fewer toxins produced during the vaping process than there are during the smoking of regular cigarettes. And this means a big difference in the effects on the body between vaping and smoking.

Electronic Cigarettes Market Demographics


Who is really smoking electronic cigarettes? Research has shown that 65% of current smokers are vaping, probably in order to ease themselves off of cigarettes and finally quit. After all, vaping e-liquids that contain nicotine is a much healthier way to get your nicotine fix because there is no combustion necessary with the use of e-cigs and there are only a few ingredients in e-liquids that are vaporised and inhaled, which means smokers will no longer be exposed to all of the chemicals they were inhaling when they were smoking traditional cigarettes.

But people who quit smoking also begin to enjoy vaping so much that they continue to use e-cigs. Roughly 33% of people who vape are actually former cigarette smokers who were able to successfully quit and never want to look back. They can continue getting the decent dose of nicotine that their bodies require, or they can gradually ease themselves off of that addiction as well, thanks to the varying strengths of the e-liquids that are available. Once they get the dose of nicotine down low enough, they can switch easily onto an e-liquid that does not contain any nicotine at all and enjoy an even healthier vaping experience without the addictive feelings.

Finally, under 1% of people who vape never smoked cigarettes, but virtually none of them became addicted to vaping. This is because you can use an e-liquid that does not contain any nicotine if you want to simply enjoy the flavour and aroma associated with the best e-liquids on the e-cig market.

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