GS Matrix 3 Mechanical Mod Review

The GS Matrix 3 is one of many mechanical mods that are currently available on the e-cig market. But because there are so many options, it can be difficult for consumers to determine which mech mods are really worth their time and their monetary investment, especially since mods also carry higher price tags because they cater to the experienced e-cig smoker who wants a little something extra.

We were excited to get our hands on the GS Matrix 3 Mechanical Mod so we could review it for our readers who are interested in purchasing a mech mod for themselves. Continue reading to learn what we thought out it.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Uses 18350, 18490, 18500, and 18650 batteries
  • 510-threaded
  • Size is 67mm (length) by 24mm (diameter)
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Can conform to RoHS, TUV, FCC, and CE

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First Impressions

First off, the GS Matrix 3 is packaged in a really great looking metal tin that instantly gives it an air of high quality durability. Once you open the tin, you’ll even find that the device is wrapped in satin to keep it secure and in the best condition during shipping. But once you take the mod out of its packaging, what you’ll notice right away is just how small it really is. At just a bit more than 2.5″, this is one of the tiniest mech mods that you’ll find.


What we like about the GS Matrix 3 is the fact that it is made of durable stainless steel, giving it a long lasting build. The product also features a 510-threaded top cap, as well as a drip well that is deep enough to catch any excess juice, just in case your atomiser ends up leaking. The top cap also features a tapered edge that has teardrop designs within it. Finally, if you look beneath the bottom cap, you will find a recessed button that is spring-loaded so that you can extend the mod from 18350 all the way to 18650 by simply twisting the device’s bottom half.


A neat safety feature is the pair of vent holes that are found in the body of the GS Matrix 3. These are necessary for times when your battery might end up failing.

Bear in mind, though, that this mech mod, like most of the ones available today, isn’t threaded for use with ego devices, so it will need an adapter if you plan on using an ego atomiser.

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Giving It a Test Run

After taking a good look at the product’s appearance, we were ready to give it a try, and one of the very first things that we noted was the fact that this device is really very lightweight. For the RBA, we went with the Kayfun Lite, which allowed us to enjoy very large clouds of vapour and plenty of delicious flavour from our favourite e-liquids. But, despite the mod being lightweight, the Kayfun that we used added quite a bit of weight to it, making it top heavy and requiring us to be very careful about how we set it down.


It also took us a bit of time to get used to the recessed firing button that is located on this mech mod’s bottom cap. Give it some time, though, and you will find yourself locating it quite easily with your finger, even if this position is not something that you are used to. Plus, the recessed lighting button makes it safer to use, particularly if you plan on carrying it in your pocket and you are worried about it lighting accidentally.


We decided to use an 18650 for our battery so that we could enjoy several hours of e-cig smoking before the power would diminish. What we noticed is that this mech mod is so small and discrete that it is perfect for stealth smoking. But to make it even less obvious around others, go with the 18350 battery mode instead, although you will be sacrificing battery life in exchange for stealth. To prevent any interruptions in your smoking, you can simply bring along a spare battery whenever necessary.

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Final Thoughts

This mech mod is ideal for advanced users, as well as newer users who are hoping to try out mechanicals for the first time, especially since it’s versatile enough for stealth or all-day vaping.

The only drawbacks we encountered were the fact that this mech mod will only work with a 510-connector, and we were not particularly crazy about the spring-loaded switch either, though this really is a personal preference and not an indicator of performance.

GS Matrix 3 Mechanical Mod

GS Matrix 3 Mechanical Mod Review
Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed testing out the GS Matrix 3, and it did perform above our expectations. We felt that its telescoping, lightweight features make it stand out from the crowd, as does its smooth threads and safety features.
7.4 Total Score
GS Matrix 3 Mechanical Mod E-Cigarette Review

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed testing out the GS Matrix 3, and it did perform above our expectations. We felt that its telescoping, lightweight features make it stand out from the crowd, as does its smooth threads and safety features.

Design and build quality
Features and functions
Performance and vapour production
Value for money
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