Guide: APV Variable Voltage and Wattage E-Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, with most people opting for a standard build that comes ready to use once purchased. There are, however, many different types of altered e-cigs that allow for total customisation of flavour, vapour and other key elements of the vaping process. Not everyone wishes to tinker with their vaping experience, but for those who do, there are plenty of options. We will discuss below what variable voltage and wattage electronic cigarettes offer those who are interested in fine-tuning their e-cig experiences.

Before You Commit…

Variable voltage and wattage e-cigs are usually more expensive than their standard counterparts. Because of this, we highly recommend that you try a standard electronic cigarette first to make sure that you enjoy the experience. It is not a pleasant experience to spend a larger amount of money on something you might not use, so be sure that e-cigarettes are to your liking before you commit.

Why Experienced Vapers Desire Control

Variable voltage and wattage electronic cigarettes allow people to change the voltage and wattage (obviously) emitted by their e-cigs, but why would anyone want to do this? There are a few reasons. Various flavours can taste different at different voltage and wattage levels – being able to customise these variables can produce a better taste experience depending on the setting and the e-liquid. It can also be used to augment or reduce the amount of vapour produced from each hit. Many people complain about their e-cigs not providing enough of a throat hit; altering the wattage and voltage to produce much more powerful drags can be one solution to this problem.

Wattage Considerations

The primary reason why people choose variable power e-cigarettes is for the wattage and the control it provides over the experience. Most e-cigarettes use a standard 3.7 volt battery with 2.4 ohm cartomisers, which use about 5.5 watts of power. Variable wattage e-cigarettes can allow users to lower the ohm rating with custom cartomisers while combining them with more powerful batteries. This will roughly double the energy use and therefore double the amount of vapour taken in a comparable drag.

Some liquids also taste better at lower or higher wattages. Harsher e-liquids that may feature flavours such as cinnamon and mint usually test better on lower wattage settings, while milder flavours such as fruits may do better when bumped up to a higher setting. Taste is always a personal preference, so it is up to the individual e-cigarette users to find that sweet spot for every flavour. On a standard 3.7 volt battery, however, some juices are bound to be less flavourful and others are bound to taste burnt due to the uniform setting.

How Do These Work?

The basic difference in between a standard e-cigarette and a variable wattage and voltage one is that the user can alter the amount of power delivered in each vape. In addition to this, the cartomisers that vaporise the e-liquid (as opposed to the batteries which simply supply power) can be altered in terms of ohms to further enhance the experience. Inside all cartomisers are coils, and the thickness of these coils determine how much vapour is produced as well. The more coils inside the tank and/or the thicker the coil wire used, the more vapour that will be produced in every hit. Of course, this also means that you will consume a given amount of e-liquid at a faster rate, but this is preferable for many who enjoy big clouds of vapour and lots of taste.

Who Will Enjoy These?

If you are a casual smoker who merely wants to use the e-cigarette on occasion, then you probably will not enjoy or appreciate a variable voltage or wattage electronic cigarette. The power and customisation knowledge necessary to use them properly may be too much for you or would require a bit more research than you care to do.

If you are a heavy smoker, someone who has toyed around with electronic cigarettes for some time or are someone who likes to tinker with gadgets in general, then you will likely enjoy an electronic cigarette with variable voltage and wattage. The amount of power and strength capable in these devices can be used to really bump up the performance (or in cases where that’s not desired, can also be used normally).

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