Guide: Electronic Cigarettes Parts & Components Explained

Whether you’re completely new to vaping or you’re an experienced vaper who’s been enjoying the vaping experience for several years, the key to the creation of the highest quality vapour, both in terms of flavour and quantity, is the device that you use. Like all other hobbies, vaping does require an initial investment of your money, but once you experiment with different levels of devices and accessories, you should be able to find brands that suit your needs best.

But with so many brands out there and so many vaping products to choose from, it can definitely become confusing rather quickly, especially for those who are new to the industry. The list below, however, should help you navigate the market and find those items that you really need to take your vaping experience to a new level. Remember, the more pleasant the vaping experience, the more likely you’ll be to stay away from regular cigarettes and finally quit your addiction to nicotine.

A Range of Mods

There are a variety of mods to choose from in order to enhance your vaping experience. These are what you need to enjoy the true flavour of your e-liquid and to produce the largest vapour clouds possible. If you’re currently using those cheap disposable e-cigs that you find at places like fuel stations, you should definitely save up for a mod, as you’ll quickly see the difference the first time you make the switch.

Thankfully, there are mods that are made for beginners, as well as those who consider themselves intermediate and advanced vapers. So choose the device that isn’t only within your price range, but also within your experience range, as it will be a lot easier to learn how to use a beginner mod than an advanced mod.

For beginners, it’s recommended that you go with products like the eGo C-Twist, the EVOD Twist, and the Vision Spinner.

For those who are already “initiated,” or who consider themselves experienced enough, consider getting the iTaste VV, the iTaste MVP v2, the VAMO v3 or the VAMO v5, or the ProVari.

Advanced vapers, though, will definitely appreciate the features found on mods like the K100 or the Nemesis. You can also go with pretty much any DNA (20/30) or any OKR-T mods.

Your Choice of Atomisers

Atomisers are also found in a range of prices to suit all budgets and experience levels. After all, a beginner may not be ready to splurge a lot of money on an atomiser. Just remember, though, that the highest quality atomiser will really transform your vaping experience and make it better than ever. Below are some of the many atomisers that are highly recommended for vapers of all levels.

Beginners can go with atomisers like the Kanger EVOD, the Kanger T3, the iClear 30, and the Protank 2 Mini.

Those who already have experience with vaping but don’t necessarily consider themselves advanced users yet will enjoy using the Aspire Nautilus, the Kanger Aerotank, and the Protank 2/3 with Aerotank base.

Advanced vapers, though, will prefer using rebuildable atomisers like the Kayfun Lite Plus, IGO-W, RSST, IGO-W3, AGA-T2, Aqua, Helios, and Atomic.

The Highest Quality E-Liquids

The right e-liquid will help produce plenty of vapour, and it will taste true to its intended flavour, so avoid the really cheap e-liquids out there that may not even contain the highest quality ingredients.

For vapers of all levels, the following brands of e-liquids are highly recommended because they’re able to deliver in all aspects, from the amount of vapour that’s produced, to the flavour and aroma that they emit.

  • Mount Baker Vapor is affordable and produces a good flavour
  • Bombies offers a limited supply of high quality, great tasting e-liquids
  • Alice in Vapeland offers great taste and quality, but in limited supplies
  • The Vapor Chef offers high quality and great taste
  • Seduce Juice is a great affordable e-liquid
  • Five Pawns is expensive but worth it for the flavour

If you want to take a DIY approach to your e-liquids, there are certain products that will help you save money. Just be aware that variable taste is common with DIY e-liquids.

Consider going with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine from Essential Depot, as well as The Flavor Apprentice flavourings. If you’re using nicotine, check out MyFreedomSmokes’ unflavoured nicotine.

Choosing the Right Battery

The battery is extremely important in any mechanical mod and battery-replaceable e-cig device, so focus on spending your money where it’s necessary to purchase a high quality and reliable battery that works well with your particular device.

Highly recommended batteries include the Sony VTC5 and the Sony VTC4. To recharge your batteries, opt for products like the Nitecore Intellicharger i4 v2 or the eFest LUC V4.

Avoid purchasing any batteries with “fire” in their name because these are low quality. Also avoid charging stations like the Trustfire and Ultrafire, which can potentially lead to fires and are actually the cause of many battery failures.

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