Guide: How to Steep E-Liquid Refills

One of the most often asked questions vapers pose is whether or not steeping really enhances the flavour of e-liquids as it is said to do. If you are amongst those seeking to understand the steeping process and whether or not it truly enhances flavour, consider this: why do aged wines and liquors cost so much more than their newly fermented or distilled counterparts? You’ve got it! They’ve had time to steep so as to enrich the flavour and allow for all the ingredients to blend well.

The same is said to be true of steeping e-liquids used in vaping devices. Here are some facts about steeping you may need to know to get you on your way to a remarkable experience in the world of vaping. You will learn about the different methods of steeping and how to maintain product integrity throughout.

When Steeping E-Liquids, Patience Is a Virtue

Alright, so the expression is cliché, but it is true nonetheless. Unlike steeping a teabag for a few moments, the process of steeping e-liquids takes time, patience and a general know-how. Some methods require only a few days’ time to get the most out of a chosen flavour whilst other techniques can take two to four and even six weeks. Can you wait that long? As any connoisseur of fine wines and brandies will tell you, the experience is well worth the wait. You can always buy two bottles of your favourite flavour in order to have one set aside for steeping and another to vape along the way.

Steeping Yet Not Steeping in the Traditional Sense

In the traditional understanding of steeping, you think of a teabag being soaked in boiling water until the flavours are carried through and the colour (strength) achieved is to your liking. This would be a travesty when steeping e-liquids because you would have served to do nothing other than to dilute the liquid, rendering it virtually tasteless. Even when using water in the process, as will be described below, you never want to let water infiltrate the e-liquid because you will be diluting it rather than bringing out the best in flavours!

So here we get to the crux of the matter. It is referred to as ‘steeping’ because the process allows for the flavours to become richer. However, it is not about soaking the liquid in anything but rather finding the best way to bring out the very best that e-liquid has to offer. Steeping, then, is a process to enrich and enhance flavours that are already there. Speaking of flavours, look at these amazing blends you just might want to try!

Various Methods of Steeping E-Liquids

The first way in which a great number of vapers refer to steeping is really not steeping at all. They will simply tell you to shake up the bottle a bit so that all the particles are well blended before using the e-liquid. That’s just common sense now, isn’t it? We all know that heavier particles settle at the bottom and flavourings are amongst the heaviest components of e-liquids.

Here are some great suggestions from experienced vapers:

  1. As mentioned, always shake the vial/bottle well to ensure all particles are mixed.
  2. If you don’t mind waiting, use the oxidation process by leaving the cover off to expose the liquid to air. However, keep in mind that you will still need to shake and mix at least once daily so that all particles can be oxidised. Depending on the richness of flavour you are looking for, this process can take several weeks to complete
  3. Another effective, but much quicker, process is to set the bottle in a pan of heated water. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of using too much water (gets in the bottle and dilutes the liquid) or water that is too hot and can render the active ingredients inert. Many vapers find that two to four days are sufficient to achieve a richer, more flavourful blend.
  4. Use dry storage in the basement as it is cooler. This is much like aging wine in a wine cellar. Time and patience are required and also a bit of fortitude as you will need to walk up and down the stairs one or more times during the day to give the bottle a good shake.
  5. Don’t be afraid as the colour changes – this is only natural and what happens with the process of oxidation.

Whether you are new to vaping and e-liquids or are just looking to improve the flavour of products you favour, steeping is the way to go. Use the fast ‘few day’ method or call upon the patience of a connoisseur and allow your e-liquid to steep over a long period of time, as long as you achieve the results you are after. You will know you have joined the ranks of seasoned vapers when you are able to successfully learn the art of steeping.

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