Guide: Mechanical Mod E-Cigs Explained

Mechanical mods are really popular e-cig devices because they’re able to provide you with a really great, authentic vaping experience. If you’re in search of delicious, true flavour from your e-liquid, as well as plenty of clouds of vapour, a mechanical mod could be just what you’re looking for.

But if you don’t know much about mechanical mods yet, continue reading, as the guide below will give you some much-needed information about these devices so you can choose the right one for your vaping needs.

Preferred Battery and Clearomiser Types

Because mechanical mods operate differently from other e-cig devices that are on the market, you need to be certain that you use the right battery and clearomiser. This will ensure that your mechanical mod operates exactly as it should and that you’ll get your money’s worth after purchasing it.

The best battery type for a mechanical mod is a high quality protected IMR battery. Therefore, you should definitely avoid purchasing a standard, unprotected lithium-ion battery for your mechanical mod.

When it comes to clearomisers, though, you can choose any that you prefer, such as a tank clearomiser or an RBA, RDA, RTA, etc.

The Body Assembly

If you’ve never seen a mechanical mod, you may be confused about what it actually looks like. But once you get to know it, you’ll really feel comfortable using it because you’ll understand how it’s built.

When you look at a mechanical mod, you’ll see several components that are perfectly put together to create a stellar vaping experience. From one end to the other, you’ll find the firing button, a threaded lock ring, button assembly, an extension tube, the main body tube, and the cap assembly.

How a Mechanical Mod Works

Now that you know the basics about a mechanical mod’s hardware, let’s take a look at how a mechanical mod actually operates.

It all starts when you press the firing button on your mechanical mod. This is typically found on the bottom of the device, but some models on the market may have the firing button on the side. Your choice of a mechanical mod may depend upon the placement of the firing button and how comfortable it is for you. For example, if you’re used to using one with the firing button on the bottom, it may take a bit of time to get used to using a model with the firing button on the side.

Once you press the firing button, a spring-loaded firing pin touches the bottom negative terminal of your mechanical mod’s battery. And when this occurs, the circuit is complete, so the battery power is then discharged through the top cap’s contact pin.

Once all of the above occurs, you will be able to puff away at the vapour that’s produced and enjoy the flavour that it contains.

A Mechanical Mod’s Many Safety Features

In addition to their other great features, mechanical mods also come with a host of reliable safety features that make your vaping experience not only enjoyable, but also safe no matter where you are or where you take your mechanical mod.

Because short circuits may end up causing the device’s battery to overheat and vent, a mechanical mod is equipped with vent holes. These are able to effectively release gases so that explosions and injuries don’t occur.

To prevent accidental misfires, mechanical mods are also usually equipped with a safety lock, which is a mechanical lock mechanism. The most common safety lock is a reverse threaded lock ring that literally blocks the button so that it can never misfire. So whenever you aren’t using your device, make sure that this lock is in place, or simply remove the battery to be safe.

A safety fuse is another great feature that can be added to a mechanical mod. This safety feature can be bought and installed on your device. In the event that a short happens and the circuit ends up being broken, the safety fuse will be tripped and will prevent the mechanical mod’s battery from venting.

A Range of Mechanical Mods to Choose from

Because they’re so popular, there are plenty of different mechanical mods to choose from. This means that, regardless of your level of experience or your budget, you can find the mechanical mod that is right for you and your vaping needs.

For example, if you are new to mechanical mods and you need some time to learn how to use them properly, go with a budget-friendly option that is priced lower and is not as complicated. Once you get the hang of things, you can then upgrade to a higher end model that has even better features and produces even better performance. To make the best decision, though, start by doing your research online and reading up on product reviews.

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