Switching from Tobacco Smoking to E-Liquid Vaping – A Beginner’s Guide

Long-term tobacco smokers know just how hard it can be to break the habit. Many have tried multiple times to quit in the past, but just haven’t yet succeeded at breaking the connection between themselves and nicotine. This process can be quite frustrating and can go on for years. What makes the process even more frustrating is the knowledge that traditional smoking harms virtually every part of the body and reduces lifespan. For many, simple harm reduction may be a good first step. Switching from traditional cigarettes to an electronic solution can be progress for those who are otherwise struggling to give up the habit. Here, we’ll discuss the first steps towards adopting a new life without tobacco so that you can make the switch.

Accept the Differences

Mentally, it can be hard to adapt to a new form of nicotine ingestion. We are familiar with cigarettes – their width, their weight, their overall feel – and that can sometimes be a hang-up for first-time e-cigarette users. It is important to remember, however, that in terms of base function, they provide the same advantages. The hand to mouth comfort will still be maintained, and the introduction of nicotine into the bloodstream will be, too. In addition, the need for what is called a “throat hit” is there with e-cigarettes just as it is with traditional ones, as is the ability to exhale “smoke” (which is really vapour). For all intents and purposes, an e-cigarette delivers what you “need” – but there are some differences, and that’s OK.

Experiment with Flavours

Perhaps the most immediate advantage to adopting an e-cigarette over a traditional one is the fact that there are literally thousands of flavours to consider. With traditional smoking, you have in essence variations of two different flavours – menthol and traditional tobacco. This broadening of horizons can be a real selling point for those hesitant about making the switch. Even if new and exciting flavours do not seem appealing, there are plenty of traditional tobacco and menthol tobacco flavours available to e-cig users to help further make the experience seem relevant. At the end of the day, however, experimenting with new flavours is a natural part of the experience and can make it all quite a bit more fun. Trying out new flavours can become addictive in its own regard!

Connect With Other Vapers

With millions of vapers in the United Kingdom and countless millions more scattered across the world, finding a community of individuals who have been there and done that can be crucial in helping you on your journey. Not only will you be able to learn what worked for others when making the switch, but you’ll also quickly learn about all sorts of interesting accessories and methods for vaping enjoyment that you otherwise wouldn’t learn. Having a support system of sorts – in the form of fellow vapers – can make the transition less stressful and more intriguing. If you can keep an elevated amount of interest in the process in its early stages, then you are far more likely to succeed at making the switch.

Have Persistence and Patience

The switch to e-cigarettes will not be seamless and without challenge. Are some aspects of e-cigarettes different? Sure. Will some elements of your traditional smoking habit not be around anymore? Absolutely. The mind can rest easy in knowing, however, that there will be no acute negative experiences associated with quitting smoking altogether. Your physical need for nicotine will be maintained and many of the psychological elements (such as the hand-to-mouth fixation) remain with e-cigs. Not everyone can instantly transition from analogues to e-cigs (though some do). You might still use both for a period of time, and that’s OK. Be patient and continue working toward the day in which you only pick up an e-cig and forget about traditional cigarettes – you can do it!

Find a Suitable Nicotine Level

Most heavy smokers will want a higher-level e-liquid in terms of nicotine level (such as 1.8%) when first making the switch. More casual smokers will choose a lower level (0.6% or 1.2%). There is no uniform answer for this, however, as other factors must be considered. If you opt for a more basic e-cigarette setup with less power, then a higher-level e-liquid will be needed to ensure proper absorption relative to your analogue smoking habit. If you decide to purchase an e-cigarette MOD or APV (advanced personal vape) with higher vapour output, however, then a lower-level e-liquid will be needed. The reason for this is two-fold: not only are you inhaling more nicotine with each individual hit, but high-nicotine e-liquids taste terrible when used with more powerful units.


Any switch involving nicotine habits will not be perfectly smooth. With the majority of negative side-effects not being present, however, making the switch from traditional cigarettes to an electronic solution can be done with greater ease than outright smoking cessation. We hope the tips in this beginner’s guide can help guide you toward making that decision and becoming smoke-free in the near future!

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