Guide: What is an E-Liquid?

If you’re aware of even just the basics about electronic cigarettes and how they work, you already know that they use what’s known as an e-liquid, which may also be referred to as e-cig juice, in order to operate. Basically, the e-liquid that you place into your electronic cigarette is what will be heated and turned into a vapour that you’ll then inhale.

But if you really want to know more about what an e-liquid is in order to be absolutely certain that these liquids are safe to inhale, continue reading. The guide below will hopefully serve to answer all of your questions about e-cig liquids.



In the many flavours of e-liquids that are available, you’ll find the ingredient glycerine. This is an ingredient that’s found in many other everyday products that you already use throughout your home, from a variety of cosmetics, to many different types of foods and medications.

Roughly 45% of the e-liquid will consist of this single ingredient, and its purpose is to work along with the water that’s in the e-liquid in order to help everything properly transform into a vapour that will be safe to inhale.



Roughly 5% of an e-liquid will consist of nicotine. But bear in mind that you can find e-liquids with varying degrees of nicotine. The nicotine is addictive, but it isn’t harmful. While many people may be confused, thinking that nicotine in regular cigarettes is what’s toxic, it’s actually all of the other chemical ingredients that are harmful to the body. An e-cigarette doesn’t contain the toxins found in regular cigarettes, but it does contain nicotine in the e-liquid, so it won’t be detrimental to your overall health.

So, for example, if you’re used to getting a lot of nicotine from smoking many cigarettes every day, you could start off with an e-liquid that contains the highest allowable amount of nicotine. This will help you easily transition over to vaping without missing a second of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

And if you want to taper yourself off of nicotine altogether so that you can finally be rid of this annoying addiction, you can do so quite easily by simply working your way down to a lower potency. Step by step, you will slowly but surely get there, reducing your dependency upon that nicotine fix until you can, at last, opt for an e-liquid that doesn’t contain any nicotine at all.


Although there are plenty of flavours to choose from that mimic the taste of regular tobacco cigarettes, e-liquids also come in an abundant array of other flavours as well to suit every preference out there.

For example, you can go for an exotic floral flavour, a rich vanilla or spice flavour, a dessert flavour like chocolate, or a fruity flavour like strawberry and cherry, among many others. The choices are seemingly endless, and you can even mix and match various flavoured e-liquids to create custom flavours of your own. For example, you may mix a strawberry e-liquid with a banana flavoured e-cig juice to get a delicious taste and fragrance that you will love.

Roughly 25% of your e-liquid will contain these artificial flavours that make it so tasty. These flavours are really delightful, and they make it a lot easier to switch from smoking to vaping.

Propylene/Vegetable Glycol vs. PEG400


E-liquids also contain diluents in the form of either propylene glycol or PEG400. Roughly 15% of the e-liquid will consist of one of these ingredients. Propylene glycol is a safe ingredient that is used in a variety of other products that you use every day, and PEG400 is also a non-toxic ingredient that is utilised in a variety of pharmaceutical products. In fact, these ingredients may even be found in some of the foods that you enjoy on a daily basis. If you want to steer clear of these ingredients, though, there are some e-liquid manufacturers that offer all natural options.


As you can see, all of the ingredients that are used in e-liquids are safe for the human body and are actually found in a variety of other household, food, and medicinal products that you use on a regular basis.

But just because these ingredients are widely used does not mean that you will not be allergic to them. So if you find that you are allergic to propylene glycol, for example, search for e-liquids that are manufactured without that ingredient so that you can continue enjoying vaping. There are plenty of options out there, so do not get discouraged if you find that your body does not agree with one because of allergies.

Overall, vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking, and it is a great way to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. So go ahead and indulge in the many flavours offered by e-liquid manufacturers.

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