Horizon Arctic Sub Ohm Tank Review

Horizon Tech has a history of putting out some pretty good products so we thought we needed to take a little closer look at their Arctic Sub Ohm Tank. It came to our attention because of the good customer reviews that this unit was getting and it was also noted that it had some good design innovations built into it too. It is important for us to look at as many of these subtanks as possible because this type of vaping experience is getting ever more popular with each passing month. So if you are ready we will take a closer look at this good looking subtank and see what it can do for a your vaping experience.

Key Features and Specifications

Here is what we feel is the list of outstanding features on this subtank:

  • A great price for what you get
  • Excellent flavour
  • Very good airflow
  • Sleek design features
  • Huge assortment of available coils
  • Nice wicking design
  • Well built
  • Bottom turbine dual coil technology

Here are the important specs concerning the Arctic Sub Ohm Tank

  • Big 10 – 100 wattage range
  • 5 ml tank capacity
  • Available coils – single 0.2 ohm, 0.5 ohm, 1.2 ohm and 0.2 ohm and 0.5 ohm dual coils
  • 100% organic cotton wicking material and USA made Kanthal wire
  • Not Re-buildable
  • Small 22 mm diameter

The kit itself that the Arctic Sub Ohm Tank comes in is very basic and only contains the unit itself and one 0.2 ohm bottom turbine dual coil head (30 watt – 100 watt range) and one 0.5 ohm bottom turbine dual coil head (30 watt – 80 watt range).

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First Impressions

Once we opened up the kit we wondered if the vaping experience could match the aesthetics of this good looking little subtank. Although the kit might have included a few more items and maybe the possibility of an RBA, the design of the Arctic Sub Ohm Tank looked like a lot of thought went into it before production.

There was a lot of stainless steel built into the design and upon inspection the construction appeared to be very high quality and all the valves opened and closed very smoothly.

The adjustable air flow valves and the generous amount of air openings made it apparent that there would be exceptional airflow in the Arctic Sub Ohm Tank; this sort of thing normally leads to a good vaping experience. Many vapers do not like their hit too warm and this unit should make that easy to avoid.

Their coil construction was very unique compared to other models for sure. We did not know a lot about bottom turbine dual coil heads but since this model subtank was favourably reviewed we are assuming they work well.

Well as usual we are getting a little antsy to take this subtank for a test drive so let’s not wait any longer.

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Giving It a Test Run

We found that the Arctic Sub Ohm Tank was very easy to install on any box mod that we attached it to. Once attached it looked great on all the devices and it did not weigh them down or make them feel bulky at all. It was a little small in stature but for the most part did not look out of place on anything we installed it on.

The first hits were pleasurable but not fantastic but it must be noted that the manufacturer states that there is a short tip break in period and the flavour did seem to improve over time. There was a nice vapour cloud from the exhale of the hits we took but it was not among the biggest we have seen from a subtank by any means.

As always we decided to play around a little bit since we had so many coil selections to choose from. We decided to stick with the two coils that came in the kit. When we used the 0.5 ohm dual coil with the airflow fully on we found the best combination of cloud plume and flavour to be around the 60 watt setting.

Next we tried the smaller 0.2 ohm dual coil. With this one the ideal hit came at closer to the 80 watt range. The vapour cloud remained consistent throughout and the and even at the higher wattages the vapour never really got too hot to handle.

It was a pleasurable vaping experience.

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Final Thoughts

We don’t say it a lot but this device has got a lot going on for a quaint little subtank despite its small tank size and its good, but not tremendous vapour plume. There are a lot of different settings and coils available so every vaper should be able to find a combination that is just right for them. The price is affordable and the other features such as its pleasing and functional design only add to its allure.

Horizon Arctic Sub Ohm Tank Review
Horizon Arctic Sub Ohm Tank

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