Guide: How to E-Cigarettes Work

Are you new to vaping and electronic cigarettes? You may be wondering what an e-cig even is, as well as what components it contains to make it work. You may even be wondering how it works.

All of the information you need to introduce yourself to e-cigs is below.

What’s an Electronic Cigarette?

Also commonly referred to as an e-cigarette, e-cig, personal vaporiser, or PV, an electronic cigarette is an inhaler that works off the power of a battery to produce vapour from a liquid solution, called an e-liquid.

The aerosol mist that’s made by the e-cig can be safely inhaled and exhaled, just as you’d inhale and exhale the smoke from a regular cigarette, so this is a great alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette smoking.

The Components of an E-Cig


To further understand what an electronic cigarette is, you need to know what its components are that make it work so well. Below is a list of the main parts of an e-cig:

  • Tank: This is the area in which the e-liquid is held. E-liquids come in a variety of different flavours to suit every vaper’s preferences. And they also come in a variety of different nicotine strengths so people can easily quit nicotine altogether.
  • Battery: The majority of e-cig kits come packaged with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries of 3.7 volts. The battery is essential to the operation of the electronic cigarette because it charges up the atomiser that then produces the vapour from the e-liquid in the cartridge.
  • LED: In order to simulate the look of a real cigarette, an electronic cigarette will often have a little LED light at the opposite end so that, whenever you inhale the vapour, it can light up in the same way that a real cigarette burns down when you take a puff. But LED lights can also be used to let you know how much power is left in the battery. This will alert you when it’s necessary to recharge or plug in your device so that you never have to deal with an interrupted vaping session.
  • Other Miscellaneous Components: Other internal components include a plastic adapter, positive and negative cables, a ceramic cup, a heating coil, a metal mesh dome, a pressure sensor and voltage control, and an electrical connector.

What is an e-cigarette tank?

An e-cigarette tank is a major component of an e-cig, so let’s take a look at how it works to really understand the device better on a whole.

Whenever you inhale on the e-cig, the device’s rechargeable battery will create solid contact with negative and positive wires within the tank’s metal casing. This turns on this part of the device and allows it to transform the e-liquid into a vapour within the metal mesh dome. The e-liquid is effectively pulled up from the tank where it had been stored up to this point. After you inhale the vapour, you can exhale it to allow it to dissipate in the air harmlessly. And the great thing, too, is that the vapour is virtually odourless.

Steps to Using an Electronic Cigarette


Below are the steps involved in using an electronic cigarette if you’ve never done so before:

  1. Inhale the vapour through the e-cig, just as you would do with a regular cigarette
  2. The act of inhalation will trigger a sensor that will work to switch the atomiser on, which is basically used to generate heat with the help of a rechargeable battery.
  3. The e-liquid that contains the right amount of nicotine for you will be vaporised in the cartridge where it is held. The LED light at the end of the e-cig will also light up to mimic a real cigarette burning.
  4. As you inhale the flavoured e-liquid, it will reach your lungs just like regular smoke from a tobacco cigarette.
  5. When you exhale this vapour, you will actually be exhaling PEG vapour, rather than smoke. This vapour will quickly disappear into the air.

Nicotine Levels in E-Cigs

The great thing about e-cigs is the fact that you can choose the amount of nicotine that you want to inhale. Traditional cigarettes contain anywhere from 14 to 21 mg of nicotine. Nicotine replacement items typically have anywhere from 6 to 48 mg of nicotine. But you can reduce your dependency with an e-cig, which typically contains 3.36mg of nicotine, on average.

Durability of E-Cigs

Another great feature about electronic cigarettes is the fact that they last longer than traditional cigarettes and are, therefore, less expensive. One cartridge will typically last the same amount of time as 25 cigarettes.

Benefits of E-Cigs

Finally, it should be noted that e-cigs promote better health, are less environmentally destructive, and don’t pose a threat to second-hand smokers. With so many reasons to vape, it’s no wonder e-cigs are so popular.

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