Infographic: E-Cigarette Vaping vs Smoking Comparison

Many people choose to begin vaping and using e-cigarettes when they decide to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. But what are the real differences between vaping and cigarette smoking? Is vaping really better for your health, or is it just as bad because you’re still inhaling something?

Continue reading to learn all about the major differences between smoking and vaping so you can decide which one you’d prefer doing.

Chemicals You Inhale


In terms of the actual composition of e-cigs versus traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes definitely win because they only contain four ingredients, which are water, nicotine, flavouring, and propylene glycol. Alternative ingredients may include vegetable glycerine or polyethylene glycol.

On the other hand, when you inhale smoke from a regular cigarette, you’re essentially inhaling 599 additives that are put into the product during its manufacture. But what’s worse is the fact that, once you actually begin burning the cigarette, these 599 additives actually end up creating a whopping 4,000 different chemical compounds that are toxic and harmful to the body and the environment, as well as to second-hand smokers around you.

If you’re the type of person who believes that less is more, especially when it comes to chemical ingredients in the products you use every day, vaping would definitely be a step in the right direction.

Effects on Health


In addition to knowing what ingredients are found in e-cigs and regular cigarettes, it’s also important to know the health effects that each causes.

Based on the information above, you probably already inferred that e-cigarette smoking is a direction many choose to take when they want to stop smoking cigarettes that are loaded with chemicals. E-cigs provide a great alternative that eliminates your exposure to the toxic smoke of cigarettes. And the other great thing about e-cigarettes is the fact that they actually don’t burn at all and don’t operate as combustible products, unlike cigarettes.

Traditional cigarettes produce toxic by-products that can lead to a host of adverse health conditions, particularly respiratory disorders. The health effects are the result of the additives and the by-products of the combustion process that occurs when you burn a cigarette in order to smoke it. The smoke that’s created by the process of burning cigarettes can even lead to the development of many types of cancer, particularly lung cancer.

How the Lungs are Affected


Whether you vape or smoke, you’re inhaling something that will go into your lungs. But how do the by-products of these products actually affect your lungs?

The vapour that’s produced by an e-cigarette is composed mostly of cannabinoids. In fact, about 95% of the vape is cannabinoids. The remaining 5% of the vape’s makeup consists of just one polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, also referred to as PAH. PAHs are considered carcinogenic but e-cigs contain very small amounts of just one type. E-cigs don’t contain any tar either, or any other carcinogenic substances. And you can smoke to your heart’s content around others because the vapour produced by e-cigarettes doesn’t cause harm to others like second-hand smoke does, nor does it harm the environment.

Tobacco cigarettes, on the other hand, are far worse for your health. 88% of the smoke that’s produced consists of non-cannabinoids and 111 components that include six PAHs. When you inhale the smoke and hold it in for a longer than normal period of time (something that some smokers like to do), you actually increase the amount of toxins, including tar, that your body absorbs. According to scientists, an average smoker can shorten his or her life by 14 years.

Fire Hazard


Because you don’t need to use a lighter and you don’t burn an electronic cigarette, no smoke is produced and there’s only a minimal risk of a fire, if any. On the other hand, cigarettes are actually considered the #1 cause of death from fire. Experts estimate that about 10% of fire related deaths that occur around the world are caused by cigarettes.

Environmental Impact


From an environmental perspective, e-cigs can be considered more eco-friendly because they’re used for much longer periods of time, resulting in less waste. A cartomiser, for example, can last up to 20 times as long as a regular cigarette. Compare this to cigarettes that are constantly discarded into the environment, making them a hazard to wildlife and a major pollutant. In fact, used cigarettes are the most-collected items during environmental clean ups.

Other Benefits of Vaping


Vaping is surprisingly convenient because it’s allowed in many public places where smoking is prohibited. Vapers don’t need to worry about offending others nearby, nor do they have to worry about going outside to get their nicotine fix. Also, e-cigs don’t produce an unattractive smell that’s left behind in your clothes, hair, and environment. There’s no need to use ashtrays, and you can vape indoors (even in your bed) safely. Plus, because e-cigs don’t burn, vapers don’t have to worry about painful cigarette burns either. It’s no wonder that electronic cigarettes are becoming ever more popular and more people are making the switch.

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  1. Reply Brandon Fuller March 2, 2015 at 6:29 am

    I’ve been vaping for a while now and I just realized. I haven’t thrown away a cigarette butt for months now… I know that there are tons of cigarette butts that are thrown into garbage cans every day. I’m just happy that I’m helping the environment on my own little way by using vaporizers instead of cigarettes.

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