Innokin iTaste 134 Review

The Innokin iTaste 134, though not a variable voltage product, is a variable wattage one, and this alone is a highly desirable feature. The reason that variable wattage is so popular is because it puts you in control over the amount of power reaching your atomiser. For example, you can set yours to 8w or 5.2w and then leave it as-is forever, or you could instead experiment with various wattages and tanks and cartomisers and different ohms until you find the right level of power that gives you the perfect e-cig smoking experience.

We wanted to get our hands on this as soon as we heard about it so we could write a review and let our readers know exactly what we think of it. Continue reading to learn about our experience with this product, as it may help you decide if you’re ready to invest in it for yourself as well.

  • Variable wattage adjustable to 12.5w, 12w, 11w, 10w, 9w, 8w, 7w, and 6.5w
  • Colourful LED lights indicate battery level
  • 510 connector
  • 10-second cut-off time
  • Safety features include reverse battery protection circuit, short circuit protection, and low voltage warning

First Impressions

First off, we loved the design of the Innokin iTaste 134 because it’s constructed completely using stainless steel and there are rods, or spokes, running down the entire length of the unit, making it look like a weapon. Although a display screen is nowhere to be found, the settings, which are set by easily rotating the wheel, are displayed.


More specifically, the user can adjust the wattage to 12.5w, 12w, 11w, 10w, 9w, 8w, 7w, and 6.5w. You should set a low wattage if you’re using low-resistance accessories, but go with a high wattage if using high-resistance accessories.

We also found that this device is highly compatible with standard 510 accessories, as well as the iClear30, iClear16, and iClear10, thanks to its 510 connector.

And we also like the battery level indictor that displays your battery capacity through red, yellow, and green LED lights. Red means you need to charge it up again, while yellow means it’s halfway discharged, and green means that it has a full charge.


To turn the battery on or off, all you have to do is click the device’s power button quickly three times. If you enable the battery, you can then hold the button down to actually activate the Innokin iTaste 134. We like this safety feature because it keeps the atomiser from being turned on while it’s sitting inside your bag or your pocket. This also keeps the settings from being changed accidentally.


Another safety feature that we like is the short circuit protection, as well as the low voltage warning and the reverse battery protection circuit. Plus, the device uses a 10-second cut-off time, which means that it will shut down on its own until you release and press the button again if you end up holding it down for longer than 10 seconds.

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Giving It a Test Run

We were taken aback by the incredible design of the Innokin iTaste 134 when we first opened the box. This is a solid, heavy device that’s constructed very well. It utilises the IMR 18650 battery, and the manufacturer does warn against using lower quality batteries with this device, so if you’re investing in it, you should also splurge on a new battery or two as well.


Upon using the product, we noted that the smoking time you get from your battery after it has been fully charged will ultimately depend upon the setting for your wattage. In other words, smoking time will vary, so to get the best in terms of battery life no matter what setting you choose for your wattage, we recommend using the convenient on/off battery switch. Again, simply clicking the button quickly three times will disengage or engage the product’s battery.

When it came to choosing the ideal wattage, we found it easy to determine it for each of our devices. The rotational wheel does make a sound whenever it is clicked into place, so you know exactly what you are doing. We typically kept the wattage between 7w and 11w most of the time that we used this product, regardless of the e-liquids we used, though we would sometimes go as high as 12w with our 3.0ohm coil.

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Final Thoughts

When it really comes down to it, many e-cig smokers will choose this product for its great looks, but if variable voltage is more important to you than variable wattage, it may not be worth your investment.

Innokin iTaste 134

Innokin iTaste 134 Review
Overall, we were thoroughly pleased with how simple it was to find the correct wattage and use this product. We liked the way it performed, but we do realise that it is a bit pricey.
7.6 Total Score
Innokin iTaste 134 E-Cigarette Review

Overall, we were thoroughly pleased with how simple it was to find the correct wattage and use this product. We liked the way it performed, but we do realise that it is a bit pricey.

Design and build quality
Features and functions
Performance and vapour production
Value for money
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