Joyetech eCOM-BT Review

Joyetech is a company within the highly competitive e-cig market that creates quality products, and this is the reason that the company has been so successful thus far and still continues to grow. And this is why we’ve made it a point to include Joyetech products when we write up reviews on the best devices currently available.

Below is our review of the Joyetech eCom-BT (the BT is short for bluetooth). Check it out to determine if this product is right for you and your vaping needs.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Includes 2 mouthpieces and mouthpiece covers
  • Comes with 1 atomiser tube and 1 atomiser base, as well as 2 atomiser C2 heads
  • Includes a USB cable and wall adapter
  • Variable wattage
  • Connects with the MyVapors app, which provides tracking of vaping habits, a control wheel, a readout for ohms resistance, a battery level indicator, puff counts, and more

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First Impressions

The first thing we noticed when we got our hands on the eCom-BT was the fact that it comes with an extra mouthpiece, an additional C2 atomiser head, a wall adapter, and a micro-USB cable. We tested out the stainless steel version, as this product is available in both this finish as well as in black. The slightly textured appearance isn’t only attractive, but also great for getting a good grip.


The eCom-BT we received featured 510 threading, but the product is said to also come in eGo threading too. And this device comes with a 900mAh battery. Overall, though, the eCom-BT is based for the most part on the eCom-C. Most of the same features are found on both devices, but there are certain upgrades on the eCom-BT, such as Bluetooth 4 that makes connecting to a smartphone quick and easy.


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Giving It a Test Run

There are plenty of ways to customise the Joyetech MyVapors app to suit your particular preferences and take your vaping experience to a whole new level. For example, you can set the nicotine level for the e-liquid that you’re planning on using in your clearomiser. You can also set what you’d consider to be the amount of puffs from your e-cig that would equate to actually smoking a single cigarette. You can input the price that you’d normally pay for a package of cigarettes. And you can set your plan for the number of puffs you want to take in a day. Finally, sleep mode allows you to set a time that you’d like this device to remain on before powering down.


The app also features a “location” option that lets you view a map of your area, complete with radar indicating your specific location. This is a neat feature because the drop-down menu shows you a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly view that you can use to record your locations and track how much you vaped in each place that you’ve been to. Some people may not find this facet of the app interesting or useful, though.

The “time” feature is also worth mentioning. This, too, has a drop-down menu, but this time you can choose from options like “last 200 puffs” or “last 50 puffs.” You will receive a minute-by-minute report of where you were, when, and for how long you vaped. You can even see the power setting that you used at the time. Once you have enough information stored, you can review your habits and modify them, if necessary.


The “record” section of the app is where you will encounter a bar graph and yet another drop-down menu that actually opens up into two drop-down menus. One of the menus is designated for “day,” “week,” “month,” and “year.” The other menu has “by time” and “by puff” options. This allows you to track how many puffs you take in a specific hour, as well as how many puffs you take per week, month, etc. We found this feature, along with the “time” feature, a great tool for tracking and modifying vaping habits.


But enough about the app and more about the actual performance of the eCom-BT. We found that you can use any one of the three eCom clearomisers and batteries and still have an enjoyable experience. This product produces a lot of vapour and maintains the true flavour of your e-liquids. Just beware that, due to the Bluetooth connection, the battery drains a little faster than usual.

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Final Thoughts

Some may find it really annoying that you have to use the Bluetooth connection and app to change the wattage on your device.

Joyetech eCOM-BT

Joyetech eCOM-BT Review
If you aren't interested in an e-cig that will allow you to control its settings via an app, then this product is not right for you, especially if you prefer changing the settings on a device through a hands-on approach.
7 Total Score
Joyetech eCOM-BT E-Cigarette Review

If you aren't interested in an e-cig that will allow you to control its settings via an app, then this product is not right for you, especially if you prefer changing the settings on a device through a hands-on approach.

Design and build quality
Features and functions
Performance and vapour production
Value for money
User Rating: 3.38 (4 votes)


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