Joyetech eCom Mega Review

Joyetech has made quite a name for itself in the e-cig market, particularly when it comes to the eCom line. The company has decided to expand this specific line by introducing the eCom Mega. When we read about all of the device’s features and the fact that it supposedly boasts high performance, we knew we wanted to get the product in our own hands to give it a try. And we did just that.

To learn more about the eCom Mega from Joyetech, simply continue reading to check out our review of our experience below.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Variable voltage range from 3.3-5.5v, and variable wattage range from 6.8-16.8w
  • 1600mAh battery with flashing light to indicate charge level
  • Safety features include atomiser protection, 10-second firing limit, and low voltage protection
  • 510-threaded, 3.2ml capacity, and 1.6ohm resistance
  • Available in black and silver

First Impressions

The eCom Mega comes loaded with everything that you’d need for an enjoyable e-cig smoking experience. You’ll get one eCom Mega battery, along with two mouthpieces, two C3 dual atomiser heads, a single atomiser tube, one base, a wall adapter, and a USB cable. And you can choose from either silver or black.



The variable voltage range on this product is 3.3 to 5.5 volts, and it also provides a 3.2ml capacity and a 1600mAh battery. The wattage, on the other hand, has a range of 6.8 to 16.8 watts, though this product is also known for being able to produce a wattage output of up to 20 watts. And the resistance on the C3 dual atomiser head is 1.6ohm. It’s worth noting, too, that this device comes with an additional dual coil C3 atomiser and a Delta 16.

The 3-part tank consists of a bottom portion that’s attached to the battery, as well as the tank itself at the top, and the atomiser. All you have to do is unscrew your Delta 16 to get to the CS atomiser, rated at 1.6ohm, which is found screwed onto the bottom piece. Inject your favourite e-liquid into the tank of the Delta 16 by holding it upside down, and then reattach this top portion to the bottom. Then attach the drip tip and enjoy a leak-free vaping experience.


In terms of safety features, the Joyetech eCom Mega doesn’t disappoint. It features atomiser protection, 10-second firing limits, and low voltage protection. The power indicator will tell you just how much charge is left on your battery, and the less charge that remains, the quicker the light located on the side of the battery will flash. For example, if the battery is charged with about 30%-59% remaining, the light will flash slowly. But once the remaining charge drops down to around 29%, the light will flash at a normal speed. And then, when it reaches anywhere from 0%-9%, you’ll notice the light will flash really quickly.

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Giving It a Test Run

We were really impressed with the C3 dual atomiser head, which is contained within a glass or stainless steel tube. We also have to make mention of the 1600mAh battery, which is definitely a long-lasting battery that provides hours of vaping pleasure. And the product’s variable voltage is meant to maximise your experience in a way that will mimic the use of products like the eVic Supreme and Delta tank, which are pricier.


Another great feature that we enjoyed testing on the eCom Mega was the 5-click off/on option. And we found it really easy to charge up the battery using the USB cable and wall adapter (we were successful in charging the device using the USB connected to a computer, which is really convenient). Plus, the battery life is definitely noteworthy, as we used this product a lot but only had to recharge it a few times. On average, we got about 2.5 hours of vaping time off a fully charged battery when we used the wall adapter. When we charged the device through a computer, we found that we could enjoy nearly 2 more hours of smoking pleasure.

Adjusting the voltage was also simple. All we had to do was locate the tapered dial, which is found at the bottom of the battery. We also found that high quality performance was achieved using any all-VG, PG/VG, and PG-free e-liquid. We really enjoyed all of the clouds that were produced, as well as the tasty flavour that came from our e-liquids of choice.

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Final Thoughts

The eCom Mega is a great alternative to the Delta tank and eVic Supreme, which is larger and more complex.

Joyetech eCom Mega

Joyetech eCom Mega Review
Joyetech has done a great job in combining the ease of use and sleekness of the products in the eCom series with the advancements of the eVic Supreme and Delta tank, so you really do get the best of both worlds.
7.5 Total Score
Joyetech eCom Mega E-Cigarette Review

Joyetech has done a great job in combining the ease of use and sleekness of the products in the eCom series with the advancements of the eVic Supreme and Delta tank, so you really do get the best of both worlds.

Design and build quality
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Performance and vapour production
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