Guide: Kosher E-Cig Liquid Refill

Many countries in the world have strong Jewish communities, and of these people, many follow the principles of ‘kosher’. Kosher is a way of eating prescribed in the Torah, that many Jewish people believe helps them to live a more pure and healthy lifestyle. Not all Jews are kosher, but this is often a choice.

When it comes to vaping (as ‘smoking’ e-cigarettes is now most commonly known), there are two different kinds of components that make up the stuff that produces the vapour – regardless of whether nicotine or flavours are included. These are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Here, we take a look at why those who follow a kosher diet are best advised to stick to the vegetable glycerin (VG) versions when they are stocking up on e-liquid for their electronic cigarette devices:

Why Might Propylene Glycol E-Liquids Not Be Kosher?

In general, ‘kosher’, which literally translated means ‘fit’ (as in ‘fit for consumption’) relates only to the things a person eats. However, other consumables can come under the category too, including things a person wears and generally buys. The fluids used in your e-cig are not consumed in the true sense – you inhale and exhale the vapour rather than eating it – but choosing a variety of fluid that counts as kosher is still the better thing to do (especially given than kosher, 100% vegetable derived e-liquids are widely available in a huge variety of flavours and nicotine strengths – click here to see some of the options).

The main reason why some e-liquid may not be kosher is the prominence of a substance called propylene glycol. This is used in varying quantities in different e-cig blends to alter the flavour and also give a different sensation when the vapour is inhaled. It is not a dangerous substance, and is found in many foods, however it can often be derived from animal products, and it is generally unlikely that these have been sourced in a kosher friendly way. Vegetarians and vegans generally avoid the e-liquid containing PG for ethical reasons, and for kosher reasons it also makes sense for kosher Jews to do the same.

100% VG E-Liquids and Kosher Eaters

VG, or vegetable glycerin e-liquids are made from vegetable extracts and can still be flavoured in all the same ways as PG varieties. They are also compatible with all e-cig devices, with the exceptions of those made by manufacturers who only design their e-cigs to work with their own cartridges and don’t support e-liquids. You can choose kosher friendly 100% VG liquids in all kinds of flavours, from the traditional tobacco flavour which is most reminiscent of smoking cigarettes through to exotic fruit flavours or those based on drinks, desserts, or menthol tastes. This means that you can be confident that you are remaining kosher when you buy e-liquids.

Other Reasons Why 100% VG E-Liquids Can Be Better

Even if you are not that dedicated to the kosher lifestyle, some of the 100% VG e-liquid products on the market also offer other benefits. As well as being suitable for vegetarians, vegans, kosher and halal eaters, they also are made from organic, non-GMO products, so you know that what you are buying has not caused harm to animals or the environment when you choose it.

Of course, not all e-liquids are the same, and some that advertise being mostly VG are not completely kosher – having a large proportion of VG versus PG doesn’t mean that there were no non kosher animal products used along the way. In some e-liquids, the base the flavour is given is a PG base, so even with a mostly VG solution you may not be buying a completely kosher product. By looking only for e-liquids that are 100% VG, you can assure that what you are using when you vape is appropriate for a kosher person, and also upholds the organic, non GMO values the seller upholds.

Vaping on a Kosher Diet

If you eat kosher, one of the main reasons is that it is what your religion prescribes as being best for your body. It has long been upheld that smoking tobacco is harmful, and so choosing an alternative like e-cigs which doesn’t harm the lungs and is also more sociable, with its lack of smell and second hand smoke risks, is more in keeping with the kosher tradition. Vaping is better for you than smoking cigarettes, so if you are a kosher eater looking to kick the habit, a kosher form of e-liquid used with a good e-cigarette device can be a great option.

100% VG e-liquids are ideal for kosher, halal, vegan and vegetarian people as they allow the freedom of choice with vape flavours, with the knowledge that no animals were used in the production of the liquid!

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