Real Research Proves that E-Cigarettes are Effective for Quitting Smoking

There is a lot of talk these days that is centred on the use of e-cigarettes. A lot of that talk is by the many thousands of ‘vapers’ (the term for e-cigarette users) that enjoy the benefits of using these smoking alternative devices. Some of the talk that is being done is by those detractors of e-cigarettes that are making a lot of unproven claims that inhaling them may be harmful to those that use them. A new study that is out suggests that e-cigarettes can indeed be used to help a person quit smoking or curtail their daily cigarette consumption.

The study was done in Italy and was done by charting the success rate of cigarette smokers who successfully quit smoking within one year of purchasing their first e-cigarette. It tracked the customers of one particular vape shop (what stores that sell e-cigarettes and associated materials are called) in Sicily.

There has been a lot of both good and bad in the news about the cigarette smoking quit rate when a person tries to do it by such means as over the counter nicotine therapies or by using devices such as e-cigarettes. These studies and others seem to suggest that e-cigarettes help people who want to stop smoking quit at a higher success rate than such things as nicotine patches, nicotine gum and other over the counter therapies. Yet despite findings such as these, countries continue to limit access to or ban e-cigarette use altogether. It sometimes seems as if these countries want their citizens to continue to be exposed to the PROVEN harmful effects of cigarette smoking.

The Study Itself

Here is a synopsis of this real world study’s findings:

The Initial Study

The study was based on following 71 long time smokers who were first time purchasers of e-cigarettes. It was conducted out of a vape shop in Sicily, Italy and each participant had volunteered to be monitored for a one year period to see if their use of e-cigarettes curtailed or stopped their normal cigarette use.

Half Way Home

After the first six months the self-reported results of those that were monitored was very positive. Almost 43% reported that they had successfully quit smoking.

The End Results

After 12 months of e-cigarette use almost 41% of those who purchased and used e-cigarettes had quit smoking; this figure was down slightly from the 6 month figure but still close. It would suggest that if a person does not quit smoking in the first 6 months of e-cigarette use they will not and those that do will most likely stay off cigarettes.

Stopping smoking completely was not the only benefit found by these new e-cigarette users. There were also dramatic reductions in the amount of cigarettes smoked by those who could not quit smoking altogether. Over 25% of those surveyed claimed they reduced their daily cigarette intake by over 50%. As a group the average cigarette smoked per day went from almost 25 per day down to an amazing 2.6 cigarettes per day after 12 months.

The study does seem to again strongly suggest that there is a correlation between e-cigarette use and reducing cigarette consumption or stopping the use of the product altogether.

In Comparison

According to statistics, the comparable quit rates for an over the counter nicotine replacement therapy normally range from somewhere in the 7% – 9% range. That is some pretty clear evidence that e-cigarette use has better potential than over the counter nicotine replacement therapies at curtailing or stopping cigarette smoking. It seems to be a much more effective method for helping smokers who want to reduce their cigarette use or stop it altogether.

This once again raises questions as to why e-cigarette use has been restricted or banned altogether in certain countries, especially when you combine these types of test results with the fact that e-cigarette users can control what type of ingredients go into the vapour that they inhale. It is actually fairly absurd when you consider that with all the evidence of the great harm and risks that cigarette smoking is known to cause, they are still allowed to be bought and sold in every country that has restricted or banned e-cigarettes use. That is something that is very hard to understand indeed.

Studies like these help to dispel the myths and rumours that have become rampant regarding e-cigarette use. While some studies have presented evidence to a possible downside of e-cigarette use; many more have shown positive benefits or no negative effects at all. It also does not take a scientific genius to know that if you do not put nicotine in the e-cigarette vapour mix then you will get significantly less nicotine from e-cigarette use than you would if someone smoked cigarettes that contain tobacco.

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