Infographic: Rules of E-Cigarette Etiquette

Like all other hobbies, especially those that are enjoyed in public places, there are certain rules that need to be followed if you’re going to vape. Continue reading for a list of 9 rules of e-cig etiquette you should follow whenever and wherever you vape.

Don’t Vape at the Movies


Yet another place where you really shouldn’t vape is at the movie theatre. In the same way that the light from your smartphone can be really distracting to other moviegoers, the light on your vaping device can be extremely annoying. And others won’t appreciate the puffs of vapour that are produced either. Therefore, wait to vape until the movie is over.

No Vaping While at a Restaurant


Although you can certainly vape to your heart’s content at the dinner table at home, it really isn’t a good idea to do the same if you’re enjoying a meal at a restaurant. Even though it may seem as though vaping is allowed in public places where smoking is prohibited, the truth is that vaping in a restaurant is quite rude. Other people who are trying to enjoy a meal may not appreciate the vapour that’s produced. And those sharing the table with you may even find it as rude as constantly looking down at your smartphone.

Don’t Vape in Open Office Spaces


In the same way that you should not vape in your workplace’s bathroom, you also should not vape in any open office spaces. If you absolutely must vape, try to be as stealthy as possible. Otherwise, you may disturb others with your vapour clouds, or your boss may think there is a fire in the building. If you have a private office, you can certainly find out if vaping is allowed. Until then, though, be considerate of others.

No Vaping in the Bathroom


It’s also a good idea to avoid vaping in public bathrooms. Again, you can do whatever you please at home, but in public, it is a different story. Instead, vape outside like other smokers. If you are considering sneaking in some vaping in the bathroom at your office, be polite instead by finding a quite spot where no one else is around so that you can vape in peace.

Don’t Give Up if You’re Trying to Quit Smoking


Many people take up vaping not because it is enjoyable, but because they consider it a great way to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, which are loaded with toxins. It is important that you do not give up on vaping, even when you think you absolutely have to reach for your tobacco cigarettes again. Don’t quit on quitting smoking. You won’t regret it.

No Vaping on Public Transportation


When using public transportation to get around, do not vape. Obviously, vaping on a plane is a poor idea, but you also should not vape while travelling by train or by subway or bus.  Even if you think your vapour has a pleasant aroma, it may be disruptive to others, and they simply can’t get away from it because you are all packed into a confined space until you reach your destination. Also, the odour may remain until after you have left. Therefore, wait until you are in a more ideal place to vape.

Don’t Treat Smokers Like Your Inferiors


It may be easy to get an attitude once you’ve switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping with e-liquids and high-tech devices, but don’t start treating smokers like they’re inferior to you. Instead, be polite and friendly, as well as patient and understanding. You may even want to offer a smoker your e-cig so that he or she can give it a try and see how it works. This may even help others quit smoking and switch to vaping, especially if you aren’t pushy or arrogant.

Don’t Vape Whenever You’re Near Children


Like smoking, vaping is a bad idea when you are near children, even though it is the healthier alternative to smoking. This is especially true if you are vaping with an e-liquid that contains any amount of nicotine. After all, nicotine is just as addictive in an e-liquid as it is in a regular cigarette, and you do not want to promote this habit in your children, nor do you want to expose them to it, even in small amounts.

Don’t Leave Vaping Debris Behind


Always keep your vaping devices and accessories organised, and be sure to discard everything you no longer need. Never leave your refill cartridges or wrappers lying around for children and pets to get a hold of, as these are very dangerous, especially when swallowed. Simply put, common sense goes a long way in keeping e-cig products away from pets and children. Be responsible so that no one will get hurt.

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