Sense Tech Herakles Sub Ohm Tank Review

There are a lot of positively reviewed subtanks out there but few get highly praised as often as the Sense Tech Herakles Sub Ohm Tank. It is a name that is often associated with extremely large smoke plumes. When we start hearing that many good things about a vaping product then it is our duty to check it out for you and the other readers. A few of us here are fascinated by big vapour clouds so this will not be a hard task to undertake. Here is what we found when we took a closer look at the Herakles Sub Ohm Tank.

Key Features and Specifications

Here is a list of the key features that jumped out at us when we tested the Herakles Sub Ohm Tank:

  • Explosive vapour clouds
  • Low price of the unit and its compatible replacement coils
  • Sturdy and solidly built Delrin Drip Tip
  • Excellent flavour hit
  • 6 ohm high wattage coils that are dual covered vertical coils with full cotton wicking
  • Pleasing design
  • Very generous airflow

The relevant specs on the device:

  • 30 – 100 high watt range 0.6 ohm coil and 30 – 75 watt range 0.2 ohm coil
  • 3 ml tank capacity
  • Dual coil technology available
  • 100% organic cotton wicking material
  • No rebuild available as yet
  • Small 22 mm diameter

Here is what is included in the Herakles Sub-Ohm Tank kit:

  • 1 x Herakles Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 x extra bottom vertical coil head
  • 1 x extra Pyrex glass tank section
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First Impressions

When we first looked at the Herakles Sub-Ohm Tank kit there was a lot to like about everything right away. The tank itself was very aesthetically pleasing and was built with a lot of stainless steel features. There was an abundance of airflow openings too and by now it was apparent that somebody knew what they were doing when they designed this device and a lot of thought went into it before production. We also liked the fact that the kit came with an extra Pyrex glass tank and an extra bottom vertical coil head.

Higher wattage devices in the sub ohm category are getting very popular these days. This should be one of the fastest movers in that category with the low price for all this unit has to offer and the extremely low price of the replacement coils. The construction of the coils themselves appeared to be top notch and once again we will remind you that 100% organic cotton coils are often associated with the best flavour that can be found when vaping.

This unit definitely had no problems passing the eye test, so next it is time to see what it does for us when we take a few hits with it. We are getting excited already with the anticipation of what we expect to be a very good vaping experience.

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Giving It a Test Run

The Herakles Sub-Ohm Tank was easy to install on the few box mods that we placed it on. Its 22 mm size did not leave the overall device bulky or overweight feeling after it was installed either. It also looked as good on the devices as it did before we put it on.

We were taken back by the size of the vapour cloud on the first puffs we took on the Herakles Sub-Ohm Tank. They were maybe the largest of any sub ohm tank that we came across when testing. We did not even have to inhale deeply to produce a large size cloud.

Not only was the size of the cloud impressive but we also got a nice amount of flavour in every hit. It is not always the case that a sub ohm tank has a nice combination of very large cloud size and flavour. It was one of the better flavour hits that we have had in the sub ohm tank range. The taste was definitely best in the 50 – 60 watt range but even at the higher ranges the taste stayed consistent if you could handle the warmer temperature of the vapour. It was definitely one of the best sub ohm hits that we have experienced.

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Final Thoughts

This is not only a really good product to use but it’s a fun product to vape with also. It is extremely well designed so it allows whoever uses it to get a full hit of vapour and taste when they take a puff. It is an extremely affordable subtank for all that you get with it and it should remain popular for a long time.

Sense Tech Herakles Sub Ohm Tank Review
Sense Tech Herakles Sub Ohm Tank

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