Guide: Shopping for E-Cigarettes and E-Liquid Refills

Are you new to vaping with e-liquids and electronic cigarettes? Then you’re probably confused about the many different products out there from the variety of manufacturers all over the world. But rest assured that, once you get the hang of things, you’ll be able to target the exact e-cig devices and accessories, including e-liquids, that you’ll love to use every day.

Continue reading for a convenient shoppers guide to e-liquid vaping and electronic cigarettes if you are hoping to make the right purchasing decisions that will make you fall in love with vaping, quit your tobacco smoking and nicotine addiction, and save money all at the same time.

The Types of E-Cigs Available

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, one size does not fit all, so manufacturers have made it a point to release a variety of products to suit every individual vaper’s needs. For beginners, though, the array of choices can make the shopping process difficult rather than easy.

To start, you can choose disposable e-cigs, as these are easy to find in stores and online. But to really get the most out of vaping and experience why it is so popular, you should purchase a refillable e-cig device that will last longer—and save you more money in the long run—when compared to a disposable electronic cigarette.

Refillable e-cig models operate using disposable cartomisers or refillable cartridges into which you can place your e-liquids of choice. Investing in these refilled cartridges is the best option for those who are planning on vaping for the long run and who wish to save as much money as possible. Casual vapers, on the other hand, as well as those who are new to the world of vaping, may instead prefer to try out disposable cartomisers first, as these are more convenient and easy to learn to use.

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Cartomiser versus Refillable Tanks for E-Liquids

To determine whether you should purchase an e-cig device that includes a cartomiser or that utilises refillable cartridges, check out the guide below.

Cartomiser Tanks

Pre-filled and typically comes with a disposable atomiser and nicotine cartridge. Provides a wide variety of e-liquid flavours to choose from, as well as varying nicotine concentrations to suit each user’s needs. It is also easy to purchase cartomisers online or in stores. Easy to use because all you have to do is insert your cartomiser into your e-cig and begin vaping.

Refillable Tanks

Empty cartridges are sold individually, as well as in multi-packs. These refillable tanks also come in many shapes and forms. They are sold empty so that you can fill them up with whatever e-liquids you prefer. A refillable cartridge is a great option for those who are used to vaping and want a less expensive way to vape. Bottles of various flavours of e-liquid are easy to find in stores and online, and they are reasonably priced and provide hours of vaping pleasure. It is up to the user, though, to fill up the empty cartridge whenever necessary.

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Types of E-Cig Batteries

Next, you need to learn about the various types of batteries that are available. The two main types are automatic batteries and manual batters.

Automatic batters are, as you probably guessed, activated automatically whenever you take a puff of your e-cig. A manual battery, on the other hand, requires that you push a button in order to begin heating up the e-liquid in your device before you take a puff.

The one you choose will come down to your own preference, though you should take safety features and convenience into consideration as well.

E-Liquid Flavours and Nicotine Strength

Once you figure out what type of e-cig device you’d like to purchase, you can determine what e-liquid you’d like to try. The great thing about vaping is the fact that you can enjoy a variety of flavours rather than having to stick with just one like smokers do when they have regular tobacco cigarettes. For example, you can choose from nut flavours like almond, fruit flavours like strawberry, mint flavours, dessert flavours like coffee and chocolate, or even traditional tobacco flavours if that suits your fancy. And you can purchase more than one flavour so that you can try something different every time you vape, or you can mix different flavours together, such as two fruit flavours, to make a brand new flavour.

When it comes to the nicotine in e-liquids, you also have plenty of choices. If you are used to smoking a lot of tobacco cigarettes every day and you are trying out vaping as a means to quit smoking, you can find higher doses of nicotine. If you are in the process of quitting, you can gradually reduce your intake of nicotine by purchasing e-liquids that have lower nicotine concentrations until you finally reach the point when you can enjoy vaping with an e-liquid that’s completely free of nicotine.

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