SMOK BEC Pro Review

The SMOK BEC Pro is yet another device to hit the massive e-cig smoking market. Despite what you may have heard or read about it, though, the review below is based on actual usage of the product. So if you’ve been thinking about purchasing this product but you haven’t been sure if it would be the right fit for your e-cig smoking needs, continue reading to learn about its features. Hopefully by the end of this review you’ll know whether or not you’re ready to invest in this product.

Key Features and Specifications

  • 510 and eGo threading
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Up to 12 volts and 50 watts of power
  • 4-way firing button
  • Removable beauty rings

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First Impressions

Put simply, the SMOK BEC Pro is a variable wattage and variable voltage APV that features a variety of great features. First off, it’s a really modern looking device. Some may even describe it as ultra modern, making it an aesthetically pleasing device that you will certainly be proud to show off. The majority of the tube is covered in what can be described as a grill look that is reminiscent of an electric razor. But reviewers also find that, in addition to this texture making the device look neat, it is also a great feature because it allows you to grip the device easily.


The head of the SMOK BEC Pro is made of black plastic and it features a decently sized display and two beauty rings. You can use various atomiser devices, including everything from standard clearomisers to 510 tanks. One cap can be utilised when you are connecting with 510 devices, while the other can be used when you want to go with something that is eGo-threaded.


But in addition to great exterior features, there is also plenty going on internally to make this vaping device stand out from the rest of the competition out there. For example, it features advanced Bluetooth features and loads of power that makes it a strong performer in the market, especially for those who are seeing a device with Bluetooth operations that are powerful and reliable.

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Giving It a Test Run

A vaping device is really only as good as it works, not as good as it looks. When tested by various reviewers, there were some mixed feelings about this product. For example, some people complained of the threads making a squeaky sound, and you will probably notice that it is true that the threads on this device are a bit louder than the quiet threads that are found on devices like the eVic Supreme and Sigelei 30W. However, some users may not necessarily describe the sound as squeaky and, ultimately, will be fine with the way the threads sound.


Some users are confused when they start using this device because it only shows the max power level as 38w or 36w. In order to get the power to the full 50 watts, as advertised, just be sure you upgrade the firmware first.

To make the most of the Bluetooth feature, charge up an 18650 battery and download the SMOK app, which is free. Then click the device 5 times in under 2 seconds so that you can access the menu called “B,” which stands for “Bluetooth.” In the app, you will be able to reach the customisation screens. Just remember that the connection will be lost once you reach a certain battery level, or if you were to move out of the signal range.


For those who would prefer not to utilise the mobile app and Bluetooth, though, the good news is that the device has an onboard menu that is also easy to navigate. And the firing button is also really easy to use and very versatile because it is not a traditional press-in one. Instead, you can actually move throughout the menu by pressing to the right, left, down, and up. This button is also big enough for larger fingers, so it is easy to use accurately, especially if you do not want to utilise the mobile app, as mentioned above.


When testers went to review the threading on this device, they were pleasantly surprised to find that a variety of tanks and RBAs fit nicely with the SMOK BEC Pro, thanks to the fact that it is both eGo and 510 compatible.

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Final Thoughts

If you have been in search of an APV that will not only be good looking but will also provide a wide range for wattage and voltage, you should check out this product. You certainly will not be disappointed by this device’s price or performance.


SMOK BEC Pro Review
Overall, the SMOK BEC Pro really is a strong and solid product that delivers as promised. It also features plenty of convenient options, such as the Bluetooth connection.
8.3 Total Score
SMOK BEC Pro E-Cigarette Review

Overall, the SMOK BEC Pro really is a strong and solid product that delivers as promised. It also features plenty of convenient options, such as the Bluetooth connection.

Design and build quality
Features and functions
Performance and vapour production
Value for money
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