Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Uwell is a relatively new player in the e-cig market as far as their own designs are concerned, but if their Crown Sub-Ohm Tank is any indication, this manufacturer could be a major player in the market for years to come. The Chinese based company really has a nice vaping product with this new clearomiser.  Let’s take a close look at the Crown Sub-Ohm Tank and see why we liked it so much when we tried it out.

Key Features and Specifications

Here are some of the nicer features on this product:

  • Top tank filling – makes it super easy to fill without getting juice everywhere
  • Quality materials – excellent craftsmanship and stainless steel
  • Wide range of coils and wattages
  • Excellent flavour
  • Excellent air flow
  • Excellent clouds
  • Adequate 4 ml tank
  • Full disassembly no problem

Here is a list of this clearomiser’s specifications:

  • 10 – 120 Watt range by using Single and Dual Vertical Coil technology
  • 4 ml tank capacity
  • Available coils include 0.5 ohm and 1.2 ohm single coils and 0.25 ohm and 0.5 ohm dual coils
  • 100% Imported Organic Cotton wicking material
  • No re-building is available
  • 24 mm diameter

What comes in the Crown Sub-Ohm Tank kit:

  • 1 x Crown Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 x Extra quartz tank glass
  • 3 x Different coils including one pre-installed
  • 1 x Spare O-Ring set
  • 1 x Owner’s manual and user’s guide
  • 1 x Warning and safety sheet
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First Impressions


Upon opening the package we were immediately impressed by the contents in the box, there was everything you need to get started and more. The design of the tank was very nice to say the least and it was of high quality construction. We always like the tanks that feature a lot of stainless steel too because it makes them last longer. The threads were machined to a high quality and the unit was extremely clean with absolutely 0% manufacturing residue.

The size of the device itself was right where it needs to be at 24mm at its widest part; this will make it a nice fit for most sub-ohm e-cigs. We were also pleased that it had a wide bore drip tip because that really enhanced the flavour and cooled the vapour well on other models that we have seen this done on.

The overall presentation of the product was very nice and made it very appealing. There were a lot of spare parts that came with the kit and the owner’s manual and user’s guide were very well written and easy to understand. We thought the warning sheet that included the do’s and don’ts of sub-ohm vaping was a nice touch and will help avoid some accidents.

So far, so good and it made us anxious to give this tempting little sub-ohm tank a test drive.

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Giving It a Test Run


We starting out by installing the Crown Sub-Ohm Tank on a few different box mods and found it very easy to install and get sealed. The step by step directions in the owner’s manual were perfect. It put a big smile on our faces when we filled it the first time from the top also; very few tanks have a top fill access like the Crown Sub-Ohm Tank.

The fit was very nice when on the e-cig and it was not bulky or heavy and its stainless steel design really complemented the looks of the overall package when complete. Since we were very satisfied so far it was time to get down to a little vaping.


We noticed right off that we could exhale a tremendous amount of vapour with this nice little device and the flavour hit was pretty good too. Since we had all the different coils with us we decided to do a little experimentation and see which one we thought was the best in terms of the amount of plume and flavour.

When using the 0.5ohm Dual Coil we found that a 70 watt resistance produced a big plume of vapour and let a lot of flavour through too. Anything more than 70 watts and the vapour was getting to the too warm side. The other 0.25ohm Dual Coil had a similar hit but it was better a little higher, in the 85 – 95 watt range.

Both the different single coils worked best around the 70 watt range. There really were no problems exhaling a big amount of vapour and getting a big flavour hit with this subtank at just about any setting.

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Final Thoughts

For what as best we can tell is a first time effort for Uwell, we were pretty impressed. The company clearly did their homework before putting this product out in the marketplace. We would not hesitate to recommend that someone definitely give the Crown Sub-Ohm Tank a try.

Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank Review
Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank

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