Vaping Hacks – D.I.Y Vape Stands for Your E-Cigarette Kit

When it comes to vaping, there are a surprising number of ways to take a DIY approach to keeping your e-cig devices safe and secure at home, at the office, and even on the go in your car. If you’ve been searching for an affordable vape stand for your electronic cigarettes so that they can be held securely in place but also be within easy reach whether you’re at home or at work, continue reading, as the products below are used for everyday purposes but can also double as vape stands. By using the products below, you’ll also be able to save money so you can instead spend it on upgrading your e-cig devices and accessories.


A Rubber Nail Polish Holder

For a minimal amount of money, you can purchase a colourful and affordable rubber nail polish holder that will sit securely on your desk or dresser. Simply place your electronic cigarette into this product, just as you would place a bottle of nail polish into it, and it will remain upright without falling over and accidentally breaking. This is an ideal item for those who want to have their e-cig ready to go whenever they want to start vaping.

A Candleholder

Candleholders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means you can find one that will suit your particular electronic cigarette perfectly. And the great thing about a candleholder is the fact that you can find one that will suit your décor perfectly too. This means that, even though you’re using it as an e-cig holder instead of as a candleholder, no one will really notice the difference. This is ideal for environments where you want to keep your e-cig inconspicuous, such as at work.

A Toothbrush Holder

Some people choose to use a toothbrush holder in their cars, as the right size toothbrush holder will easily fit into a cup holder and be the perfect way to securely hold e-cigs in place. But in addition to using this simple everyday item in your car, you can also use it in your home or at your office.

Like candleholders, toothbrush holders come in a variety of styles and colours, so you can find one that will fit in with the rest of your décor. It will blend in rather than appear as an obvious out-of-place toothbrush holder. In fact, there are some pretty fun designs out there, such as those that are made to look like grass growing off the surface of your desk. The stems of the grass serve to hold up your e-cig in an adorable way, and no one will realise that you took a DIY approach to save money; instead, they’ll think that you’re really creative.

A Cosmetic Organiser

Yet another item you can also use in your car if you find one that’s the right size to fit your cup holder is a cosmetic organiser. But using it at home or at work means that you can purchase a larger option that has plenty of compartments for all of your electronic cigarettes and their associated accessories.

Like other items on this list, you can find a cosmetic organiser in the shape, size, and style that suits your preferences best, whether you’re in search of something with a lot of compartments of varying sizes or you’re hoping to find something that looks really sophisticated and pretty.

A Test Tube Rack

A test tube rack, which you’d typically find in a medical facility, science lab, or classroom, can be a surprisingly affordable and convenient way to store all of your e-cigs, especially if you own several. Though not really interesting looking or stylish, a test tube rack will certainly get the job done, and you can be certain that your e-cigs will be held securely so that they don’t get misplaced or end up breaking.

A Duplo Block

If you like colourful Duplo blocks, or maybe even if you have kids that already play with them, grab one and place it on your desk, as it’s a great way to hold your e-cig 510 tank. You can even take a few blocks and stack them in whatever design you want in order to make this DIY approach to e-cig stands completely your own. So whether you use one block or multiple blocks, one colour or several colours, you can let your inner child shine through and hold your 510 tanks in a really unique yet surprisingly secure way.

So Many DIY Options

When it comes to e-cigs and their accessories, there are a surprising number of ways to hold them securely while you’re at home, at the office, or even on the go. A DIY approach means that you’ll be able to save the most money. Take those savings and use them to invest in even better e-cig devices and accessories so you can take your vaping experience to the next level.

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