Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Review

The Vapor Zeus is one of many high quality products from Vapor4Life. It features a host of great features, but the real question is whether or not these features actually perform as expected when the device is tested in real world settings.

To discover all that the Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus has to offer, and to find out how it actually performs when reviewers have gotten their hands on it to test it, continue reading. The review below will hopefully help you better understand this innovative product and help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Comes in small and large sizes
  • Dual Mode
  • Pass-through capabilities
  • Soft rubberised finish
  • 2 Smileomizers included in starter kit

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First Impressions

The large version Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus comes packaged with a 1300mAh battery that has a voltage of 5v. The battery should last an average of 16 hours during heavy vaping, which is pretty impressive. Plus, the charge time for the battery to become fully charged is, on average, around 5½ hours. And the amperage of this device is 3.6. You can use regulated single coil cartos at 5v or dual coil cartos at 4.4v.


The small version of the Vapor Zeus also has a host of attractive features. The battery is rated at 650mAh with 5v voltage. The threading is KR808. You can enjoy auto or manual mode. And you can choose from a range of colours, including cigar, black, magenta, green, and blue, all with a soft rubberised paint job like the one found on the large version of this device. Because it’s smaller, though, you can only expect the battery to last around 6 or 7 hours, and it can take around 2½ to 2¾ hours to completely charge it up again.


When you first take the large Vapor Zeus out of its packaging and hold it for the first time, you quickly realise that it is quite a large device, especially with the Smileomizer attached, which is also large. This makes this one of the biggest devices on the e-cig market, so it may take some getting used to before you feel comfortable with its size and weight. Nevertheless, getting used to it should come easily and quickly because it is well balanced so it feels good in your hand, especially when the Smileomizer is filled up with 6ml of the e-liquid of your choice.


Ultimately, this may feel like an expensive cigar that has been taken to a new level. You may be wondering how an e-cig device could feel like a cigar. Well, it is really a combination of the paint job, which can be done in a cigar pattern, as well as the fact that the paint job is soft and rubberised. This finish makes it feel like a real cigar in your hands.

Another great feature is the fact that the Vapor Zeus can also operate as a pass-through if you have your USB cable connected to a computer. This means that you can vape while you work and while your device’s battery is charging up.

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Giving It a Test Run

In addition to its great looks, the Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus doesn’t disappoint when it’s tested by real e-cig smokers in real-life scenarios. The battery life does last anywhere from 16 to 17 hours. And the great thing, too, is that the vape quality does not deteriorate at all as the battery’s life decreases. In fact, it is known for vaping at a high quality until the battery needs to be recharged.


When tested as a pass-through device by connecting to a computer and vaping at the same time as it is charging, this device vapes just as well and does not disappoint at all. In fact, whether it is used as a pass-through or in standard mode, this device creates a lot of vapour that may surprise you. And no matter what e-liquids you use, the Vapor Zeus will produce highly accurate and very tasty flavours with a great throat hit every time.


When testing the small Vapor Zeus, which you can switch from auto to manual quickly and easily, reviewers found that the dual mode also works really well. Click the device’s button five times in order to switch between the modes available. It is worth mentioning that this model also works well when used in pass-through mode.



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Final Thoughts

Most vapers will not note any differences in performance other than the difference in battery life. Otherwise, the throat hit and the amount of vapour produced are highly satisfying on both sizes.

Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus

Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Review
Overall, whether you use the small or the large version of this device, you will be happy with the results. In fact, reviewers found that the small version performs at around the same level as the large version.
7 Total Score
Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Review

Overall, whether you use the small or the large version of this device, you will be happy with the results. In fact, reviewers found that the small version performs at around the same level as the large version.

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