Vape Hacks: D.I.Y Ways to Travel with Your E-Cigarette Kit in Your Car

The great thing about electronic cigarettes is the fact that you can carry them wherever you go, just like you can take regular tobacco cigarettes anywhere. But travelling with delicate and sometimes expensive vaping devices, especially by car, can be a bit of a hassle because it can be difficult to locate a spot in your car where you can securely hold them in place, whether you like vaping while driving or not.

Thankfully, there are plenty of vaping hacks that allow you to take a DIY approach to travelling with your vaping devices in your car. These are affordable options, and the products below are really easy to find in stores and online. So take a look at the suggestions below, as you may be surprised by the many simple ways that you can drive with your electronic cigarettes nearby at all times.


A Pool Noodle

You have probably seen pool noodles in stores and online, especially during the summer season. These are really fun for use in the pool or at the beach, but they are also surprisingly convenient when it comes to storing an electronic cigarette in your car.

Simply cut one down to the appropriate size and place it in your car’s cup holder. Then place your electronic cigarette in the middle of the pool noodle, as it already has a hollow centre that will securely hold the e-cig in place.

Cut another piece of the pool noodle and place it over your e-cig to completely cover it up in the event you need to leave the device in the car while it is parked. This is a great way to hide it so thieves will not be inclined to break into your car to steal your e-cig device.

A Vent Caddy or Vent Pack

Purchase an affordable and attractive vent caddy or vent pack that will easily and securely attach to your car’s heating and cooling vent. Then simply use this product to hold all of your e-cig devices while you travel.

This is an ideal way to keep all of your e-cigs within easy reach so that you can vape while you drive with ease as well. And they will also be in a secure place so that you do not risk accidentally breaking them while you are on the go.

A Toothbrush Holder

Find a toothbrush holder that will fit conveniently and securely into one of your car’s cup holders. This will ensure that your e-cig devices will stay securely in place because toothbrush holders have special slots that will prevent your e-cigs from falling and getting lost in the car. The fact that you can place a toothbrush holder into your cup holder also means that you can keep your e-cigs in the car and reach for them whenever you want to start vaping while driving.

A Cosmetic Organiser

It may require a bit of searching, but if you can find a cosmetic organiser that will fit securely into your car’s cup holder, this is yet another affordable way to enjoy vaping while you are driving. You can keep all of your e-cig devices and accessories in a cosmetic organiser’s various compartments so you have everything you need within easy reach.

A Cup Organiser

A cup organiser is yet another convenient accessory that you can purchase for just a minimal amount of money in order to have your e-cig devices in your car wherever you go. Like a cosmetic organiser and toothbrush holder, a cup organiser should have multiple compartments, but these could be in various sizes so you can store more than just your e-cig devices and accessories if you wish. It really is an attractive and simple way to vape while driving.

A Cup Holder Mobile Phone Holder

A cup holder mobile phone holder transforms your average cup holder into one that can securely hold your mobile phone in place while you drive, so this product can certainly double as a great way to hold your e-cig devices securely as well. Simply place it into your car’s cup holder so that your e-cig will always be easy to get a hold of when you are driving and would like to vape at the same time.

A DIY Approach That Works

When it comes to driving and vaping, many vapers find it challenging to keep all of their delicate electronic cigarette devices in their cars. But if you take a simple DIY approach, you can find a variety of great products that are purchased for everyday use, from toothbrush holders to pool noodles, that work surprisingly well at holding your e-cig device in place and in a convenient location so that you can grab it whenever you are on the road, whether you are taking a long trip, running errands, or heading to work.

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